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Heartwarming / Crash

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  • When the racist white cop risked his life to save the same black woman he sexually attacked the night before from a burning vehicle. He refuses to give up even as it is about to explode, and they both tearfully embrace and comfort each other as human beings after he saves her life. The film might be divisive among audiences and criticsbut that does not make this scene any less moving and humane.
  • The locksmith, his little girl, and the invisible cape. That is all.
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  • Anthony? At the end, he sets the Asian immigrants free instead of selling them to the car dealer for $500 a person.
  • Waters bringing his drug addicted mother groceries.
  • Jean Cabot hugging her maid and calling the maid her actual best friend.
    • This one needs a lot more context: Jean, being a rich white woman, was never too kind to her maid, who was a Hispanic woman, and disregarded her in favor of her other rich friends. However, when Jean takes a tumble down the stairs and is injured, her maid is the only one to come to her aid while said rich friends had ignored her plight.
  • Cameron and Christine reconciling in the end.

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