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Heartwarming / Castle in the Air

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  • Abdullah, after first meeting Flower, offering to give her over one-hundred pictures of men to show her how different men look like.
  • The soldier's adoration and protectiveness of Midnight and Whippersnapper.
  • Flower's worry about whether Abdullah really loves her.
    Flower: I think — I think I want to know why you found me too unattractive to kiss.
    Abdullah: I DIDN'T find you unattractive! ...If you must know, I had never in my life kissed a young lady, and you are far too beautiful for me to want to get it wrong.
    Flower: And how many young ladies have you kissed by now?
    Abdullah: None! I am still a total amateur!
    Flower: So am I!
    Abdullah: [...] I think we should practice! [offscreen The Big Damn Kiss]
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  • Flower-in-the-Night fulfilling her promise to free the genie from his bottle.
  • The entire scene where the genie is freed from the bottle.
  • At the end of the novel, after Howl is finally freed from the genie bottle, everyone swarms around him congratulating him. And then the Princess of Tsapfan gives him Morgan to hold. What makes this doubly heartwarming is the fact that this is the first time Howl gets to hold his son in his arms.
  • Howl and Sophie's reunion near the end. It's a lovely little moment, with a 'spin of love' and everything, and shows very clearly that despite their frequent bickering, they do love each other.
  • Princess Beatrice and Prince Justin ending up a perfect match for eachother. She laments her lack of beauty, he says that is not what he seeks. He laments the fact that he is Prince Justin - she says she loves him anyway.
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  • Flower and Abdullah end up living in Ingary as ambassadors - not as ridiculously wealthy nobles, but in a cottage of their own, with a beautiful garden like they both would have wanted, far away from Flower's Jerkass Overprotective Dad.
  • The last the reader sees of Lettie is her getting ready to delay the two policemen who want to arrest Abdullah and the soldier. She doesn't appear at the double-wedding at the very end, and neither does Wizard Suliman. The reason why is very heartwarming.
    It seemed that Lettie had spoken so strong-mindedly to the King, when the King wished to arrest Wizard Suliman, that she had gone into labor rather earlier than her time. Wizard Suliman was afraid to leave her side. But on the very day of the wedding Lettie gave birth to a daughter with no ill effects at all.


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