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Tear Jerker / Castle in the Air

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  • You have to feel pretty sorry for the genie, especially once you know who he really is.
  • When Abdullah asks the genie for a wish (in order to waste it), a conversation ensues. At one point this dialogue comes up:
    Abdullah: If I could discover how to make none of your wishes go wrong, it would be a great relief.
    The Genie: [wistfully] There is one wish you could make to do that.
  • Sophie's obvious misery and worry at not knowing where Howl is and whether he's even still alive.
    • At one point, Sophie tells Abdullah that she refuses to believe that Howl is dead, which means that she's considered the possibility that he was killed by the djinn. And the very idea of Howl being dead is horrible to her, even if it's not true.


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