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Heartwarming / Boyz n the Hood

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  • Just all of the fatherly-son moments between Tre and Furious. Particularly, when Tre grabs Furious' gun near the end of the movie in order to help out Doughboy in avenging Ricky. Furious only has this to say:
    Furious: Give me the motherfucking gun, Tre!
    (Tre gives Furious his gun back)
    Furious: You're my only son, Tre. I'm not gonna lose you to no bullshit, you hear?
    (Furious hugs his son)
  • The night after he and his friends kill the guys who murdered Ricky, Doughboy tells Tre he understands why he didn't come along to help. He doesn't call him a coward or "not a real man". Doughboy acknowledges that Tre's decision was the correct one to make.
    • And Tre's words to Doughboy at the end:
    Tre: You still got one brother left, man.
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  • Brandy comforting Tre after he was threatened by Officer Coffrey.
  • A young Doughboy tries to get his brother's ball back from an older, stronger guy.
    • Then when one of the other guys sees how upset Ricky is about his ball being taken, he takes it from the guy and gives it back to him.
  • A young Tre and Brandy exchanging romantic glances at each other.
  • Doughboy standing up for his brother during a confrontation with Ferris in Crenshaw.
  • Doughboy trying to rescue Ricky, despite their earlier fight, from Ferris and his thugs.


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