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Funny / Boyz n the Hood

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  • "Who dis?"
  • Ricky and Doughboy getting into a fight over Brandi, ending in a scuffle.
  • Ricky slamming Tre's car door. "You slammin' my door like some grill on a football field!"
  • Tre revealing to Ricky that he has never had sex. Cue Ricky's fits of hysterical laughter at his friend's expense.
  • Young Tre's obvious disgust at seeing the nasty bathtub he'll have to wash on a daily basis.
  • Tre's whole fantasy lie over how he lost his virginity.
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  • Doughboy passes his 40 oz. to Shalika, who downs it in one swig. She hands it back to Doughboy and, without looking, he goes to take a drink...realizing only then that it's completely empty.
  • "Don't be cussin' so motherfuckin' loud, my moms don't like that shit!"
  • Dooky is possibly HIV/AIDS positive after just learning he can still get it even if girls only fellate him. Doubling as slight Nightmare Fuel.
    Dooky: Y'all tryin' to scare me. Nah, but can you really get that shit from lettin' them suck on yo dick?

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