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Heartwarming / Benidorm

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  • The ending to Series 3, which also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Madge talking to a picture of Mel about investing in something she believes in: him. Namely Mel Harvey's Leisure Industries.
    • Followed by Madge calling Mick 'son' for the first time in the series as they say goodnight to each other.
  • Noreen bringing Martin over to sit with her and Geoff as he has no one else to sit with after both Brandy and Kate leave him.
  • The Garvey's Happily Ever After ending in Series 7.
  • The ending to episode 3 of Series 7.
  • Geoff, after learning he was adopted, reassuring Noreen that she's still his Mum as far as he's concerned.
    Geoff: She's not me P.A... she's me Mum.
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  • Noreen mentions that her daughter Pauline used to love going to bingo with her when she was a little girl. Pauline says that she was only pretending to like it. However, later on Pauline while drunk accidentally reveals to her mum and Geoff that going to bingo with her mum as a little girl was the only time in her life she has ever felt truly safe and happy, so it also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • After an attempt at roleplaying falls apart, Sheron says to her husband Billy that if anything it reminded her of how much she loves him for the person he is. In the same episode, her telling her son Rob that his parents love him no matter what and his sexuality doesn't matter to them is quite a heartwarming moment even though it is a case of Mistaken for Gay.

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