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  • When Courtney and Erika first meet on the docks, Courtney saves Erika from falling down while Erika picks up Courtney's scepter case for her—and later on, when thye meet on the beach between their two camps, they formally introduce themselves to each other and explain the issues they've been having at their respective camps (namely with Olivia for Erika and Sloane for Courtney). They help each other to feel better and at first decide to just switch camps right then and there, but they almost immediately start having second thoughts, feeling sad about leaving the new friends they've made at their current camps (so they ultimately decide not to switch camps).
    • When Courtney tells Erika about her conflict with Sloane, Erika explains how the music industry is pretty competitive and figures that the main reason Sloane's been mean to Courtney is that she feels threatened by Courtney's musical talents.
  • Despite being sent to the wrong camps (the result of an administrative mistake), Erika Juno and Princess Courtney manage to do pretty well at Camp Royalty (for Erika) and Camp Pop (for Courtney) for the most part—they make really good friends at their camps (Prince Edmund and Princesses Genevieve and Aubray for Erika and Rayna, Zia and Marcus for Courtney), and Erika and Courtney ultimately become friends with their respective camps' Alpha Bitches (who end up being very nice).
    • Edmund's also implied to have feelings for Erika (actual genuine feelings and not just some celebrity crush), which Genevieve seems to suspect (and is a Shipper on Deck for them).
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  • When Erika apologizes to Aubrey and Genevieve (her Camp Royalty-BFFs) for how she acted during the practices for the sing-off (before Erika found out about the bet between Anne and Finn). Also, Erika apologizes to Olivia for how she acted, and this ultimately leads to Olivia actually becoming a nicer person (not just to Erika but to others as well).
  • Even though they're rivals/enemies for a majority of the movie, it's clear that Lady Anne and Finn Oxford still have feelings for each other (such as Anne still having a picture of her and Finn from when they dated as teenagers)—when they're Locked in a Room together at the sing-off (courtesy of Princess Courtney and her magic scepter), Finn finally learns the real reason on why Anne broke up with him all those years ago—to go into greater detail:
    • As Finn's trying to get him and Anne out, Finn complains that Anne never believed in his talents/abilities to make it big as a rockstar, Anne claims that isn't true and says that she always had faith in his musical abilities. Finn then sarcastically asks, "If you thought I was so great, then why'd you dump me?" Anne then fires back, "Because I knew when you hit it big, you would've run off and left me behind!" Hearing this, Finn (now more confused than anything else) questions Anne, and it turns out that the real reason Anne broke up with Finn was a combination of I Want My Beloved to Be Happy and Anne's "rock and royalty don't mix" mentality. But after hearing her explanation, Finn reveals he has a copy of the same picture Anne has (which he apparently carries around with him) and says, "There was always room for you in my life, Annie. There always has been."
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    • Once Courtney finally brings Anne and Finn back up (once again with her magic scepter), and she and the rest of the performers notice that they've patched things up, Princess Aubray has that "Awww" look on her face, obviously happy that Anne and Finn have worked things out.

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