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Heartwarming / Atlas Shrugged

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  • When Dagny and Hank finally meet again - after her month in the valley, during which everybody including Hank believed she was dead, and her speech on Bertram Scudder's radio show - Hank lets her cry in his arms, declares his love for her, and apologises for the mistakes he's made. It's double tear-jerking because we know that Dagny has already fallen in love with John Galt by this time. Then, Hank declares that he knows Dagny has found someone else judging by her words on the radio, but accepts it and just wants her to be happy.
  • Easy to miss in the 50 pages of speech, but: "Do you hear me... my love?"
  • Francisco's and Dagny's last time.
  • Cherryl and Dagny making up, particularly:
    Cherryl: That was all, Miss Taggart.
    Dagny: Cherryl, my name is Dagny.
    Cherryl: I - I didn't know whether I should...
    Dagny: We're sisters, aren't we?
    Cherryl: No! Not through Jim!
  • Hank's farewell to the Wet Nurse, the first and only time he addresses the other man by his given name, Tony.
    Tony: Not...'Non-Absolute'...any more?
    Hank: (fondly) No. You're a full absolute now, and you know it.
  • Dagny returns to her compartment to find a security guard has caught the homeless Jeff Allen who snuck on board. What does she do? Tell him to go ahead and throw him off? Lecture him about being a freeloader? Tell him she owes no one charity? Nope — she says, "Wait. Let him be my guest," and serves him dinner.