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Funny / Atlas Shrugged

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  • Hank's bantering with Tony "Wet-Nurse".
  • When Francisco meets a professor of "modern" philosophy, and admirer of the latter notes that the doctor proclaims that "everything is nothing". Francisco snarks, "He should know more about that than anyone."
  • Hugh Akston tells Ragnar, a man known for daring pirate raids and blowing up steel mills, to not sit on the ground because it's dangerous. Doubles as a Crowning Moment Of Sweet.
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  • When Quentin Daniels arrives at the valley, he is so excited about learning from John Galt that the latter immediately orders him to go back to Midas Mulligan's house and sleep for twenty-four hours.
  • Lillian telling Hank she slept with James Taggart, his reaction (or lack thereof), and her reaction to his reaction. Sorry, Ms. Rand, but it pushes my Willing Suspension of Disbelief that even Lillian could be that clueless.
    • The idea is supposed to be that, with her evil plan (involving helping the villains blackmail Hank) completely in shambles, she suffered a Villainous Breakdown and sought to give him one last big "F-U". And Hank frankly doesn't give a darn, which makes the breakdown worse.
  • For anti-capitalists with a sense of humor, the distorted perspectives of the "heroes" makes for some decent Mystery Science Theater 3000-style mockery. After all, this is a movie about how the world is doomed by collectivism, unless jet-setters can save the 1% of it that matters.

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