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Heartwarming / According to Jim

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  • In one episode Cheryl asked Kyle how he sees his father, he imagines Jim as a superhero with a cape, and then she asks how he really thinks of Jim, he imagines Jim as a superhero with a cane. It's nice to see how Kyle really likes his dad as he is.
  • There was this episode, Slumber Party when Jim is obliged to host Ruby's birthday. Since Cheryl gets sick, it saddens both Ruby and Jim because Jim proves to be a terrible parent. However, near the end of this episode, Jim admits that real fun actually begins when you were born. Things improve quickly. This was a nice Heartwarming moment.
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  • In The At Bat, Jim has a hard day because he fails to give Kyle proper advice and sees what he will become in the future until he realizes that Kyle actually played bad because he did not use his left hand. After this, all turns better.
  • Cheryl's Birthday was awful, only because Jim planned her a nice birthday surprise, which is unusual for both of them.
  • The episode in which Jim searches for a new best friend after Andy played with Ryan. Their reconciliation was great.
  • In one episode, Jim gets sad because Kyle identifies more with Andy and shares a common ground with him in science fiction. It turns out that even if Jim does not like it, it does not mean he has no common ground with his son and finally teaches him how to play harmonica.
  • Every time Dana and Jim get along.
  • The season 6 finale deals with Jim's birthday and the fact he hates it, because of an accident that happened while he was 13. Cheryl shows him a video which features a montage with all his pictures with family and friends. Jim is for once very touched and just thanks everybody.