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Headscratchers / According to Jim

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  • Jim thinking that taking hot chocolate with his saliva shall be unpleasant to his wife, when they're married and so they must have kissed each other.
    • Yeah, that's not really the same thing, and it's perfectly in character for her to get grossed out by Jim spitting in her drink.
  • I think anyone who has ever watched this show has wondered this: What is up with the Devlins? I mean, yes they are annoying. Really annoying. Like, so annoying it should be illegal. Hell, they do illegal stuff alot of the time. I've seen them tresspass, one of them planning to steal a dog offscreen (Dog napping? Not cool.) and I'm sure that getting all up in people's faces like that has got to be some sort of minor crime. So, my question is this: why doesn't Jim and the family A) Tell the Devlins to fuck off. They are annoying as hell, they keep breaking into their home, invading their privacy and actually are a good reason to be PRO gun laws and Stand-your-ground laws (forgive me for being blunt, I just REALLY hate those two), B) Get a restraining order, so the Devlins can't go near them and even if they do, they can get sent to jail for it, or C) Just do both? I mean, it's not like it's unlike Jim to be blunt and he would be doing the family (and viewers) a service. Hell, they did a whole episode about how it was sometimes OK for Jim to be blunt when it was the truth.
    • Irritating in-laws and family members/friends living EXTREMELY nearby who don't know the boundaries, who are pushy, intrusive, annoying, demanding, and critical. Hmm. Original concept.....

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