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  • When Jim is shot in the ass with a crossbow by the turkey he was hunting.
  • When Cheryl pretends that she's pregnant and Andy is the father.
  • Jim's superstition about his favorite team losing a match, should he take his foot off the table and his hand off the armchair. He's kept that position for who knows how long, and when Cheryl kisses his cheek, the team scores another point. Jim then wants his wife to stick to his cheek until the end of the match... cue the Gilligan Cut with the rest of the family stuck to Jim and Cheryl.
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  • At the end of the episode "Geronimo Jim", Andy gets pushed out of the airplane and is falling to the ground faster than Cheryl & Jim, whom he passes on the way down.
  • Ryan's excuse when Dana and Cheryl find Tanner in the mouth of a T-Rex skeleton at a museum.
    Ryan: ...Tanner ran away.
  • Cheryl, trapped on the roof when the window shuts behind her, takes the sheet off the ghost figure to try to stay warm and underneath is a Santa figure, ready for the next big decorating holiday. She then kicks the satellite receiver off reception during a football game to get the family's attention.
  • The whole episode about Dana's bachelorette party.


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