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Heartwarming / A Christmas Carol: The Musical

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  • The female lamplighter Scrooge encounters early in the movie. Her husband was sick and she took up his job to ensure they get money. It’s clear that the job was challenging for her, but she was still willing to do it instead of being out a day’s pay.
  • Scrooge and Jacob Marley were genuinely good friends in this adaptation. The first thing Marley's ghost does upon appearing is burst into tears and hug Scrooge, and later, Scrooge is distraught at having to relive Marley's death in the Past sequence.
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  • Marley waves to and blows a kiss at a female ghost who scares Scrooge by screaming and floating across the room.
  • After "Abundance and Charity," Scrooge gives Grace Smythe a present.
    Director's Commentary: Scrooge's icy heart is starting to melt.
  • The reprise of "God Bless Us Everyone" during Christmas Yet To Come. Especially when Fan and Scrooge's mother reappear. The look on Scrooge's face is heartwarming and heartwrenching all at the same time.
  • A blind man's dog barks at Scrooge in the opening; after Scrooge's reformation, the dog comes to adore Scrooge, who pets him.
  • After his reformation, Scrooge buys a ticket for a pantomime for every child in line.
  • Near the end of the film, Scrooge finally comes to his nephew's home, humbly asking if there is room for him:
    Fred: There's a place in my heart where you've always been for me.
    Fred and Sally: Welcome home uncle Scrooge, welcome home to family.
    • What makes it even better is that we see that Fred and Sally's front door is red, reflecting the line "A red front door" in "A Place Called Home." After decades of waiting and hoping, Scrooge finally made it "home to family."