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Funny / A Christmas Carol: The Musical

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  • The DVD commentary mentions several times that the film was shot in Budapest, Hungary on the hottest days of the year, making the fake snow and cast members pretending to be cold quite funny.
  • This version of Bob Cratchit has a cold and sneezes constantly due to Scrooge's stinginess with the coal in his office. Later, Scrooge himself catches Bob's cold.
  • Scrooge tells Grace Smythe that she'll soon learn Christmas is a humbug in a very overdramatic tone.
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  • Scrooge mocks Jacob Marley as being an Acid Reflux Nightmare, poking him repeatedly until he gets agitated enough to really scare Scrooge. Making it funnier is that he clearly makes contact with Marley but still thinks he isn't real.
  • During "Link by Link," Jacob Marley shows Scrooge a treasure chest full of gold coins that he's forced to carry around. Scrooge reaches for the coins and Marley slaps his hand away.
  • The other chained spirits Marley brings along are played for horror and humor, especially the headless ghost, who rolls his head to Scrooge like a bowling ball. Scrooge catches it, looks at it, and throws it away, shrieking.
  • Marley blows a kiss at a female ghost who's scaring Scrooge, as if thanking her for doing so.
  • In the stage version, Marley leans on the fourth wall by thanking the other specters for coming to haunt Scrooge.
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  • At one point in the DVD commentary, the director takes the time to marvel at the scenery before conceding that "Jane (Krakowski)'s legs ain't bad, either."
  • Young Scrooge has an adorably dopey smile on his face when he sees Emily at the ball.
  • The part where the Ghost of Christmas Present sings along with the others at Fred's house was ad-libbed. Kelsey Grammer looks ready to start laughing, but manages to salvage the take.
  • The film shows Scrooge's dead body as Mrs. Mops loots his room, making Scrooge still not getting that it's him hard to swallow.
  • After his reformation, Scrooge trolls the young boy singing carols by dragging him inside the house when he asks what day it is, then apologizes, hands him his hat, and gives him money for the turkey.


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