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Heart Warming / Bride of Discord

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  • Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo reuniting at The Grand Galloping Gala, after being away from each other for awhile and Rainbow learning that Scoots and the other CMC have manage to get their Cutie Marks in the time she was gone.
  • The CMC stepping in to help Fluttershy sing at The Gala, when her nervousness starts to get the better of her, as seen here. Also earlier, when Rainbow Dash helps her work up the courage to get on stage.
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  • Applejack trying to help Spike in his attempts to get together with Rarity, despite her own crush are both this and sad.
  • After getting into a big fight, Discord (on advice from Zecora) makes Fluttershy her own personal park full of her animals (plus a few exotic ones) and all the other things she could ask for.
    Discord: So, what do you think?
    Fluttershy: (stares silently at her gift)
    Discord: Doh, I should have known you wouldn't like it, was the feeder too much..
    Fluttershy: (EPIC HUG!!!) Oh thank you, thank you! Nopony has ever done something so nice for me.
    Discord: (hesitantly) You're... welcome.
    • Fluttershy reuniting with Angel Bunny, immediately after.
  • Discord and Fluttershy enjoying a picnic together in their personnel park and swapping stories.
  • Discord and Fluttershy's "date" in the Everfree has few of these.
    • Discord reaction to seeing Fluttershy in her beautiful yellow dress.
    • Discord telling Fluttershy not to be scared of the creatures in the Everfree and that contrary to what she believes, the fact that she was willing to sacrifice her very freedom for others says she is not a coward.
    • Luna (who has been spying on them) realizing that Discord may have actually changed, leading to her helping Fluttershy decide to go back to him at the end.
    • Chaos of The Night, the music number Discord sings during said date.
    • And to top it all off, their first loving, awkward as all Tarturus kiss.
  • Applejack having a heart to heart with Fluttershy, after she is free from Discord, but is not at all happy and convincing her to go back.
    • Despite everything, everyone of Fluttershy's friends stands by her decisions and comes to aid her.
  • Discord and Fluttershy finally getting married!!!
  • Meta example: pokeyinmypocket is a Make-A-Wish Foundation kid suffering from a terminal illness whose wish was to meet DF and help her with her videos. She wound up contributing art to and voicing Twilight's daughter Twinkle and Rarity's youngest daughter Jewel in Episode 8 of Daughter Of Discord.

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