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  • Ascended Fanon:
    • Ice Gaze, the voice of Cinnamon Roll, made a song parody of "Michael In the Bathroom" from Be More Chill called "Cinnamon Roll In the Bathroom." DF loved it so much for adding more depth to Cinnamon Roll's character than she could've thought of that she eventually decided to adapt it into an animatic for BronyCon 2018.
    • Magpiepony (of Princess Trixie Sparkle and Pinkie Tales notability) did a song parody of "At The Beginning" from Anastasia with Haste Dash (the voice of Spike in PTS at the time) called "Here Next To You" inspired by Bride of Discord. DF asked to use it in the credits for the final episode, and Magpie accepted.
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  • Cast Incest: William Grubb and Katie Patterson, who voice Discord and his daughter Screwball respectively, are dating in real life (and, as of October of 2018, married).
  • Creator Breakdown: In April 2018, DF came to the realization that over the years she had been in the MLP fandom, she had hurt quite a few people without meaning to, including some of the people she's worked with. The worst part is she was aware of that part of herself before joining the fandom and thought she had left that part behind when it turned out she really hadn't. While many of the comments on her video admitting this were understanding, it should be noted that not many of her colleagues commented on it. This may explain why the final episode of Daughter Of Discord took so long to come out- luckily, when a few fans suggested that it taking so long was why she was upset, many other fans gave them a Dude, Not Funny! reaction.
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  • Cross-Dressing Voices: As is often the case with young boys in voice acted projects, a few are voiced by women. DisneyFanatic2364 voices 5-year-old Cinnamon Stick, SkyJayne voices Zany and baby Thunder Dash, Sprinkly Songs voices Applespike as a baby, and Jacqueline M voices him as a toddler.
  • Descended Creator:
    • DisneyFanatic2364 voices Applejack and Rainbow Dash as well as Flutterby Lily and the singing voice of Sweetie Belle in Bride Of Discord, and Derpy and 5-year-old Cinnamon Stick in Daughter Of Discord.
    • truesailorcomet, the composer for Daughter, voices Queen Chrysalis and Lightning Dash.
    • NStone53, the former art director, voices a nurse in Episode 1 of Daughter Of Discord.
  • Dueling Works. With Princess Trixie Sparkle. Both are MLP audio dramas based off of the creator's previously written fanfics. Both use songs with new lyrics written to the tune of an already existing song (though Bride Of Discord uses them more sparingly while Princess Trixie Sparkle has two per episode). Both share some voice actors (like itsannachloem, Mary Medley, and Pinkie Rose) and artists (like fanshipping713, NStone53, and BronyCooper). Both creators are members of the LGBT community (DisneyFanatic2364 is a biromantic asexual and Magpiepony is pansexual) and both voice their favorite pony in their respective projects (Applejack for DF, Pinkie Pie for Magpiepony). That said, both creators admire each other's work (in fact, Bride Of Discord is what inspired Magpiepony to adapt Princess Trixie Sparkle into an audio drama, and some artwork from it can be seen as a Freeze-Frame Bonus in one episode) and both have helped each other out with certain projects. Also, the fans generally seem to like both audio dramas, with neither generally seen as being "better" than the other.
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  • Fake American: Or "Fake American Accented Equestrian" in this case, as British VA itsannachloem voices Princess Celestia and Cheerilee, as well as Scootaloo in Bride. She also voices Rarity in Daughter, whose accent, while technically Mid-Atlantic, is much closer to her natural one.
  • Make a Wish: pokeyinmypocket is a Make-A-Wish Foundation kid suffering from a terminal illness whose wish was to meet DF and help her with her videos. She wound up contributing art to and voicing Twilight's daughter Twinkle and Rarity's youngest daughter Jewel in Episode 8 of Daughter Of Discord.
  • Non-Singing Voice: In Bride Of Discord, icecreamconeLPS does Sweetie Belle's speaking voice, but DF herself does her singing voice during "Somepony To Love." She also does Dinky Doo's singing voice in the Daughter Of Discord finale song (her speaking voice at that point being SkyJayne).
  • The Original Darrin:
    • After Velvet Sugar took on the role of Fluttershy for episodes 1-6 of Daughter Of Discord, Mary Medley, who voiced her in Bride came back in Episode 7. Sadly, this would be short lived, as in Episode 8, Katie Patterson took over.
    • BigApplePie voiced Big Macintosh initially in Bride Of Discord, but littlemanjack98 inherited the role in Episode 10. However, in the final episode of Daughter Of Discord, Big Macintosh is once again played by BigApplePie, which is especially surprising if you know his reasons for leaving, as detailed below.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • BigApplePie, the voice of Discord, left the series after Episode 9, citing dissatisfaction with the story as his main reason (as he views Fluttercord as an abusive type of relationship). He'd actually been wanting to leave since Episode 5, but stayed with the project longer as a favor to DF, who is actually his cousin. Brony analyst DaWillstanator would take on the role for Episode 10 and Daughter Of Discord. This also meant that the roles of Big Macintosh, Shining Armor, and Prince Blueblood had to be filled for their brief speaking appearances in Episode 10, by littlemanjack98, Color Blitz, and DaWillstanator respectively. Though despite all of this, BigApplePie would play Big Macintosh again in the final episode of Daughter Of Discord, and even voiced General Mantis in the Daughter of Discord short "Heartless".
    • Mary Medley, the voice of Fluttershy for Bride, did not return for Daughter as her schoolwork was piling up as well as other projects. Though briefly tempted to come back when DF convinced her that Fluttershy's role in the sequel would not be as big, she realized it would be unfair to those who auditioned for the role, so Velvet Sugar took over Fluttershy's voice in Daughter Of Discord. Mary Medley can still be heard in Episode 1 of Daughter Of Discord reprising her role as Apple Bloom, but does not continue to voice her for her teen and adult appearances later in the story.
      • However, as of Episode 7, Velvet Sugar had some issues at home, and Mary Medley returned to voice Fluttershy. This would wind up only being for that episode though, as afterwards, she would go off the grid and Katie Patterson would play her for the final episode.
    • Pinkie Rose, who voiced Pinkie Pie in Bride left due to personal reasons. She recorded enough lines to voice Pinkie again in Episode 1 of Daughter Of Discord, but from Episodes 4-7, the role was played by OtisCat123, and in Episode 8, Quirky Craft took over the role.
    • Rarity was voiced by InWeTellemnar in Bride Of Discord, but itsannachloem took over for Daughter Of Discord.
    • Young Scootaloo was voiced by itsannachloem in "Bride", but sprinkly pinky took over for "Daughter."
    • The young version of Sweetie Belle was played by icecreamconeLPS in Bride and Criana AJ in Daughter.
    • Prism, Rainbow Dash's youngest daughter, was voiced by Yui-Chan for episodes 3-5 of Daughter Of Discord, but Coco-Sweet took over starting in Episode 6.
    • Dinky Doo was voiced by Wish Lotus in episodes 1-6 of Daughter Of Discord, but SkyJayne took over starting in Episode 7.
    • Blueberry Pie, one of Pinkie's daughters, was voiced by Shellah for episodes 1-7, but Kira Okamiden did her voice for the final episode.
    • In Daughter Of Discord, General Mantis was voiced by OneLoneShepherdVA. When he appeared again in the short "Heartless" (adapted from one of the chapters of Son-In-Law Of Discord), he was instead voiced by BigApplePie.
    • Narrowly averted with Spike, DF was going to cast a replacement as she wasn't sure how well SAMMY-SAN could play an older Spike, but he wound up keeping the role.
    • Also narrowly averted with Rainbow Dash, see The Other Marty below for the reason why.
  • The Other Marty:
    • When DF was holding the casting call for Daughter Of Discord, she briefly convinced Mary Medley to return to the role of Fluttershy by saying that the character's role wouldn't be as big as it was in Bride Of Discord. However, she realized that by taking the role back, she would be depriving everyone who auditioned of a shot, so she left again, and Pinkie Rose, who voiced Pinkie Pie in Bride was announced as the new Fluttershy. However, Pinkie Rose also dropped out due to personal reasons, although she had recorded enough Pinkie Pie lines for Episode 1 before doing so, leaving Fluttershy to be voiced by Velvet Sugar, at least until Mary Medley ultimately came back for Episode 7 due to Velvet Sugar's home issues (only to leave again and be replaced by Katie Patterson), and Pinkie Pie to be voiced by OtisCat123 in Episodes 4-7 and Quirky Craft in Episode 8.
    • Queen Chrysalis was going to be voiced by Magpiepony in Daughter Of Discord, but she left due to her commitments on Princess Trixie Sparkle and Pinkie Tales, which DF understood since she's a fan of both series. Instead, truesailorcomet (the composer and voice of Lightning Dash) wound up playing Chrysalis. Magpiepony did wind up playing Chrysalis' mother Queen Arachne in a flashback in Episode 6, however.
    • DF herself intended to give up the role of Rainbow Dash when Daughter Of Discord was announced, as she felt she wasn't as good with that voice as she was with Applejack, and held auditions for a replacement. Initially, Ribonchan was announced as Rainbow Dash's new voice, but then she dropped out. Then, Emogak stepped in, but couldn't get her lines in on time, and making DF once again step into the role.
  • Romance on the Set: It was through Daughter Of Discord that William Grubb (Discord) and Katie Patterson (Screwball) got to know each other, which would eventually lead to their engagement at BronyCon 2017. Katie Patterson would eventually wind up playing Fluttershy for the final episode, making it a case of a real life couple playing a couple.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Before he left the series, BigApplePie voiced Discord, Shining Armor, Big Macintosh, and Prince Blueblood. Discord and Blueblood would both be taken over by DaWillstanator, though they didn't have many, if at all, interactions.
    • Mary Medley voiced Fluttershy, Princess Cadence, and Apple Bloom in Bride Of Discord. She would only return as Apple Bloom for Daughter, and only for the first episode- until she also came back to voice Fluttershy in Episode 7 due to Velvet Sugar's home issues, even if it was just for that episode.
    • DisneyFanatic2364 herself voices Applejack and Rainbow Dash for both series, though she originally wasn't going to voice Rainbow Dash for the latter one. She also voices Flutterby Lily and does the singing for Sweetie Belle in Bride Of Discord and voices Derpy and 5-year-old Cinnamon Stick in Daughter Of Discord
    • InWeTellemnar voiced both Rarity and Princess Luna in Bride. The former was recast with itsannachloem in Daughter, and the latter did not appear in the second series.
    • Speaking of itsannachloem, she voiced Princess Celestia, Scootaloo, and Cheerilee in Bride. In Daughter, she returned as Cheerilee and Celestia, but the young version of Scootaloo was recast with sprinkly pinky.
    • In Daughter Of Discord, Katie Patterson voices both Screwball and Apple Blossom, who have many interactions. She also voices Fluttershy for the final episode, meaning that she's playing a mother and her daughter there.
    • Also in Daughter Of Discord, truesailorcomet voices Queen Chrysalis, Lightning Dash, and Adult Scootaloo.
    • SkyJayne voices Zany and, starting in Episode 6, Dinky Doo.
    • pokeyinmypocket voices Twinkle and Jewel in Episode 8 of Daughter Of Discord.
  • Throw It In!: Discord's rant when yelling at Screwball in Episode 6 of Daughter Of Discord was completely improvised by DaWillstanator. You can hear the unedited audio of it here. He also improvised Discord shouting "KICK IT!!!" in the finale song for Daughter of Discord.

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