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  • Fluttershy walking in on Discord and the others, during The Discord Dating Game and revealing that the "show" is taking place in their bathroom.
  • During the "Chaos of The Night" music number, as Discord briefly kills the moment by saying he and Fluttershy will go skydiving.
  • In episode 5 of Daughter of Discord, Mothball, under a pony disguise, reunites with Screwball. Which is fine by itself… until you notice a pony-fied version of Gerald in the background.
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  • At the end of Son-In-Law of Discord (and the audio drama for Daughter Of Discord), Lightning Dash and Aquafresh reunite after spending some time away from each other due to Aquafresh's dislike for Screwball. They decide that while Aquafresh is learning to accept that Screwball is Lightning's friend, they should just remain friends, but two certain mares walking by aren't buying it
    Lyra and Bon Bon: That's what we said!

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