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Tear Jerker / Bride of Discord

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  • Among other things, Applejack's cover of "On My Own" in the audio version.
  • Fluttershy saying good by to her friends for what may be the last time, after deciding to sacrifice herself and become Discord's bride.
  • Fluttershy waking up confused in Discord's castle the first day, before remembering where she is, before it hits her, exactly what she had gotten herself into with no escape. Later, when she goes to her room and finally gets some alone time, she just jumps into bed and cries herself to sleep.
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  • Twilight and Pinkie Pie suffering Sanity Slippage after Fluttershy is gone, Twilight desperately searching the library for a solution, while Pinkie barley holds herself together while throwing a child's birthday party, eventually just snapping and saying Fluttershy go bye bye on a loop.
  • Fluttershy looking watching her friends sing about how much they miss, through the mirror Discord gave her. As seen here.
  • Discord and Fluttershy exchanging their personal stories, during their picnic.
  • After putting a lot of work into setting up their date, Spike learns the hard way that not only are he and Rarity never going to happen, she already has someone else.
  • Discord and Fluttershy's fight near the end of the story, after she says she doesn't love her, after her friends pressure her about the issue, before Discord drives her out in a fit of anger.
    • Discord's reaction when he realizes he accidentally hurt the mare he loved.

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