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     Simurgh Tracking 
  • Depending on particulars, Simurgh ought to actually be able to track things in real-time. As one story (where neutrino and gravity physics were involved in handwaving remote post-cognition) pointed out, post-cognition of "one millionth of a second ago" is essentially indistinguishable from real-time viewing, except when we're talking about high-speed electronic responses. Combine it with remote viewing ability, and you have claircognizance in all but name. Welcome to the world of glass kiddos.
    • Well,Simurgh doesn't even treat it as a weakness,so he might do already.Also,we do not know what "present"means for the Simurgh:it might mean one millisecond,it might mean half a second,it might mean one second,it might even mean 10 seconds or a minute.

    Guessing Powers from Names 
  • In the Agnosia arc, why can't Skitter (or anyone else) guess what peoples powers are from their names? They still have background knowledge, and that should be enough to remember "You are likely to be eaten by a grue" and similar reasons for codenames.
    • For Grue specifically: How many people of Taylor's age have played that game? (The sheer stress of the situation also plays a role. Or it could be a side effect of the gas, making it harder to make connections that fill in the gaps?)
    • Good luck guessing Tattletale's power.Good luck guessing whether Bitch can transform into a dog,control dogs,or power up dogs.Good luck guessing whether Bonesaw's name is literal or misleading.That's not even getting to people like Legend,or to the fact the only way to find out a person has that name is for him to tell you,and,well,the S9 lie.
    • Simply put, people can lie, and often heroes specific avoid names that would give away anything other then the basic theme of there powers, ei even if you got the reference "Grue" would at best clue you into the fact his powers are darkness based, which is pretty obvious as soon as he starts using them, "darkness powers" is extremely vague, and doesent actually clue you in to what it does or potential weaknesses and ultimately it is untrue, as his powers dont actually involve darkness or shadows at all beyond being black

     Leviathan Attacking Madrid 
  • In Interlude 24 we see part of a list of Endbringers' attacks. Leviathan rises from the ocean in order to strike, attacking cities near coast. So it must have been a strange Christmas when he appeared in Madrid in 1998, nearly at the center of hispanic peninsula. Did he went up the Tago river?
    • Maybe he broke the peninsula on an earlier attack so now Madrid is close enough to the ocean?
    • The river would have provided him ample space to travel so why not? plus its not like he cant travel on land hes just not as fast, more then likely it was chosen more or less just to fuck with humans and ruin any predictability

     Bitch's Power: Wolves or Dogs? 
  • Bitch's power is meant for wolves, not dogs. That's why when she powered up Bastard, it was smoother than with dogs. So why is her brain like a dog's and not like a wolf's?
    • Because there's not that much of a difference-a dog is, psychologically speaking, a wolf who's better at reading social cues and less skittish around humans. Honestly, Rachel could be thinking like a wolf-it fits her personality.
    • Her power is meant for Coyotes, not wolves or dogs. Her brain is the way it is more due to poor socialization as a child than anything to do with her power.
    • Bitch's power works on every animal in the Canidae family, per Word of God. Also, her mind is a mixture of both. Some manner of social disorder and improper social environments in combination with her power messing it all up even further so that her ability to socialize is less human and more animal/pack oriented.
    • The key difference between wolves and dogs is wolves tend to be more social, humans are an extremely social species, so if you mixed a wolf mind and a human mind you would get something close to a dogs mind

     Taylor and Martial Arts 
  • Taylor lives in a bad neighborhood, and her dad worries enough about her safety to buy her pepper spray. Why did he not sign her up for martial arts? Not only would a city the size of Brockton Bay probably have at least a handful of dojos, but Brian/Grue mentions training in Tae Kwon Do and Krav Maga for short periods of time, so it seems like there would be dojos available. Practicing martial arts is a popular way for bullying victims to raise their self-esteem, and knowing how to break a choke hold would give Taylor an advantage over any thug who harassed her during her morning run. If the resources were available and the benefits common knowledge, why would her dad not sign her up?
    • A common belief is that “education = encouragement.” In other words, that teaching someone how to do something can be construed as encouraging them to actively use that skill. Its a common argument against self-defense training: “Teach someone to fight and they’ll go looking for a fight.” And while it sounds silly, it does have some basis, as someone who is simply taught a skill without also being educated in how and when to use it can misuse that skill, so a poor class can be worse than no classes. This could be a justification for why Taylor’s dad didn’t sign her up for such a class. While not 100% rational, it’s certainly been used in real life.
    • Because while nice dealing with drunken idiots ultimately no amount of Tae Kwon Do(or at least no amount a highschooler is going to be able to master) is going to beat a knife or a gun, pepper spray is likely a safer bet since against a normal human its more or less guaranteeing they will be disabled if you get it in there face

     Coil's plan 
  • So Coil faked his own death along with Über, L33t and Circus. But those three showed up again in costume. Wouldn't people catch up quickly that there were shenanigans?
    • Coil probably coerced it that way. Or left the fact to settle in the minds of very few unimportant people to figure it out on their own, at the very least.

     Amy's powers 
  • It is, I believe, established that powers in the Worm-verse are not genetic. Instead, the reason children of parahumans tend to manifest powers is because they are receiving "buds" off of their parent's Shards. Given that, how did Amy manifest biokinetic powers when she hadn't been around her father since she was five? Shouldn't she have triggered with something related to the Dallon's (or perhaps the Pelham's) powers?
    • I don't remember when that was established. Perhaps just 5 years with her father was enough, and she triggered soon after.
    • It's established that the budding can happen many years before the triggering. If Marquis' shard was aware of the danger of the birdcage, it may have chosen to bud when he was caught, if not earlier.
    • It is kinda unlikely, that Amy has a bud of Marquis in the first place. One strong evidence, that points to that, is how Glaistig Uaine treats capes according to their shards. She recognizes Taylor as the Administrator and Amy as an equal, but doesn`t act as if Marquis was anything special, which she should have, if his shard were Amy`s "progenitor"/same shard with a different expression of power.

     On the subject of God... 

  • How many Thinkers are aware that their god is Wildbow?

    No reward? 
  • The ending shows Taylor being depowered and living on basically Muggle Earth. She has a prosthetic hand. Assuming it really happens and is not a hallucination while Taylor still being in coma, why couldn't they have healed her before dumping her, she would have deserved at least that, after saving humanity from extinction?
    • As seen in Ward, the remaining Earth Bet citizens are so traumatized about Khepri that they are scared to even say her name for fear of somehow getting her attention. It stands to say that they don't feel so positively at all about her, despite saving the world and all.
    • At that point, basically there were two people who could have restored Taylor: Amy and Riley. Both of them knew Taylor personally, and maybe Contessa didn't want information about Taylor's survival to leak out.

    The Stranger document 
  • the document strongly implies that the predatory nature of Shadow Stalker stepfather is why she triggered. But my problem with that is, if he wasn’t physically or sexually abusive, how was he predatory?

    Noelle’s Power 
  • Does anyone have a reasonably good idea of what Noelle’s power would have been if she’d taken the full dose?

    Dragon’s Trigger 
How is it possible for a computer to trigger? No matter how sophisticated, she’s not a biological entity even in part, so how could a shard connect to her?
  • Nowhere is it said that targets of superhuman powers have to be biological. The shards themselves certainly are not, they are effectively nonbiological entities themselves. If anything, the Corona and Gemma might only be necessary BECAUSE humans are biological entities, and connecting to something like Dragon might actually be easier for them.

    Valefor’s Trigger 
  • How awful of a mother was Mama Mathers that her son triggered while he was a pre-verbal toddler? How was it even possible? At that age, humans aren’t even sapient!