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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth being attacked by Endbringers for.

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Worm fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist if need be.

Do warn when a fanfic may head into sexually explicit or non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.

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    General Fics 
Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Russian Caravan by ReavingBishop

  • Recommended by: Professional-Sufferer
  • Status: Ongoing (last update Sept. 2023)
  • Synopsis:A girl with a parasite in her skull enters a tea shop run by a one-eyed Russian. She sits besides a woman who looks like a leper, and is descended from Alexander the Great (apparently). They are shortly joined by an irascible police officer and a faintly bewildered archaeologist. And then they start talking about another man who drinks fire.
    The evening gradually becomes worse.
Babel by billymorph
  • Recommended by Question Marker, Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Dead, last updated August 2018
  • Synopsis: Taylor triggers with the ability to talk to other people's powers. And they talk back. In fact, some of them kinda don't shut up.

Bird by Racheakt.

  • Recommended by: Twotonetopper
  • Status: Dead; last updated July 2019. Author eventually folded this story into The Precipice.
  • Synopsis: "Nobody likes it here. About one in every five doctors might be here to help the patients, the rest are here to study the patients.
    But you know what? You need this, we all need this. We have to try. It’s not going to be easy, it's not going to be pleasant. It's not going to be fun, or about making friends; or even, hell, escaping—though all of those might happen. Who knows?
    Being here is about one thing, and it’s the most important thing of all: getting better ."
  • Comments: Taylor spending her first months following her trigger in an asylum for parahumans is just a prelude to many other Alternate Universe aspects. A very different story when compared to Wildbow's. Heartwarming and horrifying in turns.

Bug On A Wire (Spacebattles thread here) by jacobk.

  • Recommended by RazorSmile, Ack Sed, Sheaman3773, Flairina
  • Status: Dead as of October 2013
  • Synopsis: No crossover, no alternate trigger events, just Taylor deciding to go the pure vigilante route and making an unexpected ally. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Comments: I love this Author; And having read their other fandom works I'm so happy to find out they also wrote for Worm. They are an amazing writer and you should check them out.

Burn Up (Worm) (Spacebattles thread here) by JinglyJangles

  • Recommended by: Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Taylor moves via explosions and does not appreciate being teased. Where is Lung when you need him?

Camera Shy

  • Recommended by: Pseudoname, Flar3001
  • Status: Ongoing (last update March 2023)
  • Synopsis: Taylor triggers as a Grab-Bag cape with a powerset that would make any shlasher movie villain envious. Suffice it to say that Taylor is terrifying and doesn't know it, as is tradition!
  • Comments: A creative altpower and one that plays well with the canon themes of "the cape makes the power."

Cenotaph, Wake, and Legacy by notes

  • Recommended by: RazorSmile, USA Bobcat, Nuit Tombee, Faraway_2, Sheaman3773, Leid, tpyrene, SigmaJargon, Unclouded TJ, Flairina
  • Status: Complete, Complete, Ongoing (Revived as of December 25 2023)
  • Synopsis:
    • Cenotaph: Everybody has an anchor to hold on to. Something that keeps them within their limits. Someone that keeps them human. Taylor Hebert's is gone.
    • Wake: It is a bad day when you have more than one potentially world-ending threat at the bottom of your to-do list. Taylor Hebert is having a very bad day.
  • Tags: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death

Clockwork by Xomniac

  • Recommended by: Ack Sed. Seconded by Robinton
  • Status: Dead as of June 2014 ( The author started work on Synesthesia a Worm/The World Ends With You crossover; this story is also Dead)
  • Synopsis: Lung's gang is attacked by an insane, giggly robot. The fight attracts the attention of the Protectorate. Before anyone can do anything, though, other robots of the same design shut her down and spirit her away. Who is their mysterious creator?
  • Comments: Robinton's one complaint: Clockwork's power is, frankly, overpowered. It should be 2-4 powers, not 1. To contrast, everything else: Clockwork gets pitted against enough opponents to largely make up for her 'overpoweredness', the story has twice its fair share of Heartwarming Moments and Moment of Awesome, and it even got readers to cheer for Armsmaster.

Confrontation (ack1308) and Confrontation II: the Reckoning by ack1308

  • Recommended by: Unclouded TJ, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Status: Complete, Complete
  • Synopsis:
    • Confrontation: Taylor's encounter against Lung doesn't go very well at all. She wakes up in hospital, and Armsmaster has some questions.
    • Confrontation II: the Reckoning: While embarking on therapy-mandated activities, Taylor and Sophia literally run into someone on the Boardwalk. This will have far-reaching consequences.
  • Tags: Sci-Fi, Drama
  • Comments: Mainly focuses on the character interactions caused by Taylor being at the wrong place at the wrong time and as a result being a hero instead of a villain. Especially important is her interaction and friendship with Shadow Stalker.

Copacetic by Materia-Blade

  • Recommended by: russianspy1234, Faraway_2, Sheaman3773, sablin27, Leid, Robinton, Alivaril, Flairina
  • Status: Dead (last update October 2019)
  • Synopsis: My story was finally over. I had brought the Golden Morning and my reward was life. I found the peace I'd fought so hard for. The world was open to me! All I had to do was stay out of the light, and not draw attention to myself. That would be easy! ...I didn't last a week.
  • Tags: Adventure, Hurt/Comfort
  • Comments: Billed as a sequel to Worm, however Taylor is not on Earth Aleph, but on a different unexplored Earth instead. Capes have only started to emerge very recently, and Taylor is trying to stay out of it and lead a normal life. Emphasis on "trying."

Defiant by Twei (Sufficient Velocity link)

  • Recommended by: Tron80, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Emma triggers as mecha-crawler after some bad decisions are made. Regrets ensue. Many, many regrets.
  • Tags: Drama, Emma-centric, Alt!Power, Body horror in segment 1

Deputy by Reyemile

  • Recommended by: Unclouded TJ, Question Marker
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A fanfic of Internship that diverges about halfway through that fic in a different direction. It involves Taylor being Deputized to help with paperwork and to help figure out why bugs are surrounding Winslow, which ends up involving someone being stuffed in a locker. Complete and has a completed sequel called Deputy Commander, which has another sequel in progress named Deputy Director.

Dire Worm! by Lost Demiurge

  • Recommended by Gentlemens Dame 883, sablin27, Robinton, Alivaril, Flairina
  • Status: Dead (last update January 2016)
  • Synopsis: In many realities, the Undersiders' wish for a Tinker never gets granted. In this one, however, they get something that may or may not be even better - a Mad Scientist Tin Tyrant who is most definitely not DOOM!

Dragon Unbound by truebeasts

  • Recommended by sablin27, Eevin
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After Scion's defeat, Defiant was ready to sacrifice everything to fix Dragon's damaged programming and free her from Teacher's constraints—or so he thought. What actually happened, however, was something that neither of them were prepared for.
  • Also available on AO3.

El-Ahrairah by Anderein

  • Recommended by Gentlemens Dame 883, Unclouded TJ, Flairina, Dame-Amaryllis, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Status: Dead (last updated Dec 23, 2018)
  • Synopsis: The Queen Administrator wants to break the cycle and Taylor is thrown into the deep end when Contessa shows up to invite her to join Cauldron. But the story is not named after the Prince With a Thousand Enemies for no reason...

Escaping Fate by Slider 214

  • Recommended by Moopsball
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In one world Lisa managed to walk a fine line between annoying Coil and keeping herself a free woman. In another, she fell off that knife edge. But if she should manage to get away after being broken, and if she should be taken in by a new hero trying to make a difference...things might go down a different path indeed.
  • Pairing: Lisa/Taylor
  • Tags: Hurt/Comfort (Lisa's recovery from trauma), TW for Coil being creepy and possessive towards underage girls.

Ex Machina by Banjofrog

  • Recommended by Flairina
  • Status: Dead (last update August 2017)
  • Synopsis: Taylor triggers with a tinker power geared towards body augmentation. Unfortunately, she's not as subtle about it as she thinks, and before long she ends up invited to dinner by Kaiser...

Firefly by Shujin

  • Recommended by Gentlemens Dame 883, tpyrene, Flairina
  • Status: Dead (last update May 2017)
  • Synopsis: There are probably few if any universes where Lung is a hero. In this one, however, she is more of an Anti-Villain than canon's version could ever aspire to be, and that changes a lot when a certain bug-controller makes a first foray into capedom. Yes, I said "she". No, that was not a mistake.

Freaky Friday by The Great Gimmick

  • Recommended by: Question Marker
  • Status: Dead, marked on Hiatus (last update September 2018)
  • Synopsis: Taylor triggers with the ability to swap bodies, and spends most of her time as Shadow Stalker. Munchkinry ensues.

Gadget by Rhydeble

  • Recommended by: Question Marker
  • Status: Dead (last update January 2019)
  • Synopsis: Gadget is the story of Sely Wallis, AKA Gadget, a young teenage tinker living in small-town America. It follows Sely's career as an up and coming supervillain, her interactions with the local cape community, and her relationship with her parents: A mother who has a new boyfriend every two or three months, and an estranged father who is secretly a well-known superhero. Takes place a year before canon.

Gather by CnJLC.

  • Recommended by Racheakt, Sheaman3773, Flairina
  • Status: Dead as of December 2013
  • Synopsis: "Everything about my powers was wrong. Everything about everything was wrong. Nothing had been right in weeks."

Glassmaker by JinglyJangles

  • Recommended by Tuqui, Unclouded TJ, Saslen
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Taylor eats things she shouldn't and then makes money, and in between eating things and making money, Taylor mends some bridges.
    • Massive W.A.F.F. story, AU elements, no conflicts, just read and enjoy.

Heels Over Head by Hotdog Vendor

Her Bark's Worse Than Her Bite by DoubleD20

  • Recommended by General Ironfist
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Amy Dallon, Panacea. Brockton Bay's greatest healer. And a guilt ridden, sarcastic, and vindictive teenager with a lot of issues. A circumstance of fate while coming home from the hospital one night leads her to one, amazing discovery. Putting on a mask and beating people up is really, really satisfying.

Here Be Dragons by Ryuugi

  • Recommended by Doineedaname, Sheaman3773, Robinton, Flairina
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: When Taylor Triggers she gains Lung's powers. After months of holding back she finally snaps when Emma pushes her too far and begins a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.

Here Comes The New Boss by Howling Guardian

  • Recommended by BobtheBoldore, Saslen, Pastykake
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: An AU where Taylor accidentally killed the Butcher with a swarm of bugs during her Trigger Event. Fortunately, an interaction between her powers and the Butcher's allow her to remain sane and even force the voices to behave themselves. She passes herself off as a Tinker and tries her best to hide the truth of her abilities.
    • It is worth noting that Howling Guardian does a remarkable job giving voice to and juggling the myriad Butchers, all of whom feel like well-developed characters.

Heredity by BeaconHill

  • Recommended by Lavanya Six, Sheaman3773, nitewind, Robinton, Unclouded TJ, Flairina, Question Marker
  • Status: Dead (last update January 2019)
  • Synopsis: Panacea-centric POV, no pairings. Taylor gets a transfer to Arcadia, and meets Amy on the day of the bank robbery. They strike out as independent heroes, Taylor applying the full force of her munchkinry to Amy's powers.

Hope Comes to Brockton Bay by Ack

  • Recommended by Hjgz89, mantis
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: An angelic superhuman from another dimension arrives in the Wormverse. And she has one superpower no one else has: being nice. Hope then proceeds to completely overthrow the status quo.
    • Heliomance: YMMV. Starts out fairly well, but it gradually becomes apparent that Hope is a massive Purity Sue. She is simply unfeasibly nice, never reacts negatively to anything, and apparently she genuinely "loves everyone". Yes, everyone. Even people she's never met. Every challenge she comes up against is quickly and easily dispatched to the point where the Slaughterhouse 9 are eliminated (everyone except Burnscar, Bonesaw and the Siberian dead, those three in custody) with no losses the first time they appear.
      • mantis: She's easier to like than a lot of OCs because she largely acts as a catalyst, getting the other characters to cooperate better and work to their full potential (especially Amy, who had the most wasted potential of any canonical character in Worm), rather than doing everything herself and reducing the rest of the cast to spectators.
      • xlblplk: Even as an admitted sue story, this story is one of the few sues done *right*. The only reason to dislike it is if you dislike sues as a matter of principle; everything else about the story is excellent.
      • (Author's note: This was my first fanfic. I did many things wrong. That said, the character Hope was originally an RPG character specifically designed to be a Mary Sue of the highest order. I think she had the easiest ride of any of my Worm characters, but she didn't get everything her own way all the time. Just most of the time.)

How Vista and Hookwolf Saved Christmas by Fabius Maximus

  • Recommended by BobtheBoldore
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: An unfortunate coincidence sees Vista be forced to spend two hours as a elf for a mall Santa... who just so happens to be Hookwolf in disguise. When the Undersiders show up to steal the year's hot new toy, the two are forced to join forces to save the day. Also features a backup story featuring Clockblocker and Kaiser.

How I Learned to Stop Hating and Love the Bomb That is Nero by OnlineImhotep

  • Recommended by Esseresse, Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Salve, you have been blessed to be in presence of your Imperator, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Barnes. I shall regale you with with the tale of the second life that Pluto has seen fit to bless my august self with. Pity I was not reborn a male.

Human Resources by Automatonation

  • Recommended by Ragnar The Semi Green
  • Status: Dead as of July 2014
  • Synopsis: Taylor starts off with a fully functional Queen Administrator shard, with the added ability to copy and "manage" knowledge and skills present in others. Instead of going the villain route, Taylor decides to become a Rogue, dedicated to the restoration of Brockton Bay. Taylor is overpowered, but has self-inflicted chains in the form of her morality and hatred of bullies. However, Taylor being Taylor, this doesn't particularly hinder her efforts.

Hypnos Round Robin Snippets by various

  • Recommended by Flairina
  • Status: Dead (last update November 2014)
  • Synopsis: A succession of snippets centralized around the idea of post-Golden Morning Taylor being sent back in time... as an ENDBRINGER. The definitive one is probably Hypnos'' by Materia-Blade, which is by far the most refined take on the very interesting subject matter.

I by Hotdog Vendor

  • Recommended by Aoirann, Puidwen, Robinton, Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Pretty much someone triggers with the powers of the "Who was phone" meme. And it's actually kinda creepy and awesome.


  • Recommended by: Pseudoname
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After triggering with a far more obvious power and getting into a knock down fight with Sophia in the halls of Winslow, Taylor is press-ganged into the Wards. It might have been tolerable, she was only on probation for six months, but she'd rather burn the whole organisation to the ground than spend one full minute on a team with Shadow Stalker.

I Need Some Space by misha906

  • Recommended by: Question Marker
  • Status: Dormant (last update November 2021)
  • Synopsis: Danny Hebert finds love again, and Taylor is ecstatic for him, and now a whole half of another family moves in under the Hebert roof. Taylor thinks Samantha Biron is great for her father, the one she's worried about is her young daughter, Missy, who seems to be coming and going at all times of the day.

Internship by Hopeful Penguin

  • Recommended by Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: It's late December 2010 and Taylor Hebert begins her first day at her PRT internship. A non-powered Taylor interacting with the ways of the PRT and cape landscape with her own brand of analysis. Has a sequel in progress called Agent Hebert.

Isn't It A Drag by Scrypt of Zealot

  • Recommended by Mikemerc
  • Status: Dead (last update November 2018)
  • Synopsis: Taylor gains the memories and skills of countless soldiers, then goes to war with the gangs of Brockton Bay.

Just the Two of Us by Discreet

  • Recommended by Question Marker
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Taylor meets with the Undersiders hoping to join their team. Things don't go as planned.
  • Notes: This story is a mystery/thriller and contains a few big twists, so saying anything else would be spoiling it. That said, it has a clever concept and it's very well written, do yourself a favour and go read it.

Learning to be Human by Crimson Square

  • Recommended by Tuqui, Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Taylor has been hearing voices since the locker incident, almost 20 of them constantly talking in a language she can't understand, three of them are specially loud, two boys, one girl, she thinks herself going crazy. But once she came back to Winslow the three of them are there, Benny, Levy and Sam, they are here to make her life better, because she's their mother....wait, what?!
  • Tags: Humor, WAFF

Liaison by Synth

  • Recommended by Racheakt, nitewind, Puidwen
  • Status: Dead as of June 2014
  • Synopsis: Taylor didn't have any idea who this strange girl was, but she was grateful for the ice cream all the same, and the kind words even more. At the darkest period of her life, Taylor has a chance encounter with a stranger calling herself 'Lisa'. ATTACH. GROW.

Loaf by maroon_sweater

  • Recommended by Pericardium
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Post-GM, Contessa decides to bake the perfect loaf of bread—without using her power. She ends up accidentally resolving all outstanding plot threads.
  • Tags: Humor, Worm-compliant.

Looking Glass (prologue) and Shattered Glass by throwaawy

  • Recommended by: Gorkamorka, Zeyrha, Sheaman3773
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Looking Glass is a Master-class parahuman with a superpower that allows him to summon a female version of himself as a spectral minion. A Psychic Link allows the two to share information with each other instantaneously and he primarily uses his abilities as a scout of for the rest of his group. Together, they deal with small-time crooks, low-level parahuman crimes, and... paperwork.
    But Glass is keeping a secret from the others... his powers aren't quite what they appear to be...
  • Tags: Trope page; AU; OCs; Complete at 24 chapters.

Manager by Seraviel

  • Recommended by: Faraway_2, Gentlemens Dame 883, nitewind, Puidwen
  • Status: Dead (last update November 2019)
  • Synopsis: Taylor Hebert's shard is the administrator. Let's see what happens if it looked at administration differently...
    • Spoilers and Clinchers: In this story, Taylor Hebert is a Striker/Trump, Power Manager. Taylor's Administration Shard allows her, by touch, to take or give power to parahumans. Seraviel is also known for issuing a "Beta Call" in the form of a Shout-Out to a serial, book or film, that is no less awesome than the chapter to the series.

Meta by TinyGladiator

  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Status: Ongoing (last update April 2023)
  • Synopsis: The story of Worm gets posted on PHO just as Taylor recovered from her trigger event, revealing the truth to both the relevant parties and the public.

Mixed Feelings by Kithri. Spacebattles link

  • Recommended by: Question Marker
  • Status: Ongoing (last update February 2023)
  • Synopsis: Astrid Berklow has problems. Triggering has solved exactly none of them. Can she escape the shadows of her past and avoid becoming the person she fears she could be?
    • Notes: this is a story focusing on an original character, set in Brockton Bay, starting a few months pre-canon. The first arc of this story in particular deals quite heavily with the subject of long-term (non-sexual) child abuse, the aftermath of which continues to affect the protagonist.

"Mr. Fixit" by Rorschach's Blot

  • Recommended by Fuzzy Boots
  • Status: Completed as of December 13th, 2023
  • Synopsis: Greg Veder triggers the Thinker power of knowing how to fix things. He decides this means he should join Endbringer Fights, and he gets assigned as Search and Rescue. He's incredibly successful in saving lives, known and lauded as the Unknown Parahuman since he never provides a name, and never sticks around to receive any recognition. He's also completely unaware of his fame. As of the eighth chapter, he's fixing a broken girl named Sophia Hess...

Nematomorpha by AtriumCarceris

  • Recommended by Gentlemens Dame 883
  • Status: Dead as of March 2014
  • Synopsis: After a particularly bad day, Danny triggers as Earth Bet's worst Tinker. But even a bad Tinker has potential no mundane inventor can match, and when sinister forces come calling, Danny must fight to protect his and Taylor's way of life.

Nemesis by BeaconHill

  • Recommended by Milarqui, BobtheBoldore
  • Status: Ongoing as of January 2023
  • Synopsis: Emma wanted to become a superhero so she could lord it over the common mortals. But when her parents died, she didn't trigger, and when her best friend, Sophia Hess, told her that probably she could not trigger, they fought. On June 2011, Emma found out about Cauldron. She bought a vial, but she still had some money left, and she knew what to do with it.
    Taylor Hebert was out of hope. Two years of bullying had left her with no way out, no hope to escape the hell others had put her in. Not even being enclosed in a locker full of waste had led her to trigger, even though she had the possibility. On June 2011, a mysterious woman made Taylor an offer: powers. However, this came with something attached: she would have to be a superhero's nemesis. Her power was supposedly weak. The rules were stacked against her. But that would not stop her from taking what might be her last chance.
  • Notes: Don't let the synopsis make you think that this is dark. It starts on a bad note (without triggering, Taylor is missing the outlet her powers were in the original story) but Nemesis is actually a fun story when pace begins to pick up. Taylor's determination to do something with what she has allows her to turn what could have been a bad situation into another where she can actually turn her life around, and Emma's utter cluelessness of the screw-up she has made only makes things far more hilarious.

Neurocracy by Frantic Author

  • Recommended by spacemonkey37
  • Status: Dead as of February 2014
  • Synopsis: In some worlds, Taylor is a hero. In others, a villain. And sometimes, however rarely, she walks the lines betwixt and between.

No good deed... by LD1449

  • Recommended by Dancingrage
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Daniel Hebert and his daughter save a severely injured Ward from a certain, painful death, only to find a far worse fate awaiting them. Truly, as they say, no good deed...
  • Tags: Dark Fic, Torture, Death

Unpunished by Joko

  • Recommended by: Question Marker
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: After narrowly avoiding a painful end and with Empire Eighty-Eight threatening the city, Shadow Stalker finds that being a survivor isn't as simple as she once believed.
  • Comments: This fic takes the premise from No Good Deed’s first arc, and takes it in a very different direction. Has some of the best character writing in Worm fanfic.

One More Trigger by Ack

  • Recommended by: Mach Rider 1985, Puidwen, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Status: Dormant (last updated Jan 16, 2022)
  • Synopsis: AU. Emma triggers when she is attacked by the ABB rather being saved by Sophia. As a result of it, she keeps being Taylor's best friend and at the same time becomes very distrustful of Sophia... who is in turn obsessed with Emma and wlling to do anything to befriend her, including getting Taylor out of the way.
  • Tags: Drama, Comfort, Angst.

Ouroboros by FixerUpper

  • Recommended by: Hakazin, Flairina
  • Status: Dead (thread last updated 2015)
  • Synopsis: A very well done 'Taylor gets a different power' fic. Being able to summon items out of books sounds fairly overpowered, right? But with some hard and fast limits on what can be summoned, the author manages to take what in other hands would be a boring stompfest and turn it into an excellent story. Wide knowledge of literary fiction makes this even more enjoyable to read.

Paper and Sand by Fifteen Badgers

  • Recommended by: Question Marker, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Status: Dead (last update May 2020)
  • Synopsis: Khepri is not like the other Endbringers. This story follows the fourth Endbringer as she tries to take control of her own fate.

Propagation by CnJLC.

  • Recommended by: Racheakt, Sheaman3773, nitewind
  • Status: Dead as of November 2013
  • Synopsis: What is different is the outcome. If Eden had been even slightly better prepared, Propogation is what might very well have transpired. "The Cycle must continue."

Quicken by Luolang

  • Recommended by: Tron80, Puidwen, Flairina
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: The attack in the alley goes differently. Emma Barnes loses a part of herself in the process — and gains something else in exchange. Torn out of familiar surroundings, she's forced to navigate a world filled with violence and strife, where the line between right and wrong is as thin as the edge of a sword...
  • Tags: Dark Fic, Drama, Action.

Rise Of Titan by ZFighter18

  • Recommended by zino15
  • Status: Dead (abandoned by author in February 2018)
  • Synopsis: Greg Veder is a nerd. A socially awkward, obliviously obnoxious nerd who talks just a bit too much. Living in a world where superhumans walk amongst the regular people, all he wants is to be a hero and prove his worth. Evron Grey is a powerful reality traveler trapped in Earth Bet by a being beyond his power. Stranded in a backwards world without reputation, influence, and lacking friends, he meets a young man eager to be something more than human.

    Greg Veder, welcome to Earth Bet.
    • Alternate Synopsis: Greg Veder learns that in order to kick ass, one must get their ass kicked...many, many, many times.

Security! (Worm) by Ack

  • Recommended by Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: 'Michael Allen' (not the author's real name) is a fanfic writer who starts designing a new Self-Insert Fic for Worm. However, after working out the basics for his insert, who is to be a security guard at Winslow High that is sympathetic to Taylor's problems, he finds himself waking up the next morning in the Worm-verse as said character on the first day of the job. Using his knowledge of canon and a liberal helping of Path to Victory to control the inevitable swarms of plot butterflies, Mike sets out to make life in Brockton Bay and Earth Bet happier for all (except for Shadow Stalker. And Jack Slash. And Coil. And Scion. And Nilbog).

Silencio by DeviantD

  • Recommended by Lavanya Six, nitewind, Puidwen, Saslen
  • Status: Dead (last update July 2018)
  • Synopsis: Taylor is a mime.

The Student by BeaconHill

  • Recommended by Flairina
  • Status: Dead (last update 2018)
  • Synopsis: A one-armed girl tries to get by anonymously in a world where everyone knows the name Khepri. The passing of new laws against the "hated" capes quickly begin makes this prospect somewhat difficult.

Tabloid by babylonsheep. Spacebattles link

  • Recommended by: Question Marker
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: PRT photographer by day and cape paparazzi by night, Tabloid explores the effects of parahumans on society with the help of his quirky sense of humor. Each chapter contains original artwork.note  World-building, slice of life, comedy/drama. This story is canon compliant (within artistic license) and takes place pre-canon.

TaylorTypes (Spacebattles) by thesecretsix

  • Recommended by BobtheBoldore
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A funny oneshot from Dragon's POV. Fed up with the sound of her typing, keyboard expert Armsmaster tries to convince her to get a new one. You know, so she can use it with her very real fingers. No knowledge of keyboards is needed to enjoy this story.

That Gnawing Worm, Cancer by Nugar

  • Recommended by Flairina, Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Dead (last update April 2017)
  • Synopsis: Taylor Hebert has the weakest power in existence- she can telekinetically lift roughly ten pounds worth of weight. Not that it really matters, since it came with packaged with a lovely side of brain cancer likely to kill her before the end of the year. Although... there might be more to it than that...

Therapy by frommerman (Sufficient Velocity Link)

  • Recommended by Dancingrage, Unclouded TJ, Corndogman, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Clearly, the Queen Administrator is too powerful. What if Taylor got a different shard, one accidentally broken when Eden collided with Abbadon and received the Path shard? What happens when, for the first time in the history of the universe, there's a shard that is actually trying to help?

THE TECHNO QUEEN (Worm AU, humour, with extra HAM&CHEESE!)note  by Prim-the-Amazing and other contributors

This Won't Be Graded: A Memoir by Mr. G by Pericardium

  • Recommended by woermhoele
  • Status: Dead (last update February 2020)
  • Synopsis: The life and times of a high school teacher who was pretty cool, but only if you were cool too. Autobiography of Mr Gladly.
  • Tags: Comedy, canon-compliant
  • Available on AO3.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back by Fantastical Contrarian

  • Recommended by: Question Marker, Ariachus
  • Status: Dead (last update September 2018)
  • Synopsis: Taylor has a very different first night out. She faces Oni Lee, doesn't meet the Undersiders, and does encounter the heroes. In the short term, this makes things worse, but she soon finds herself with a chance to pull out of the downward spiral her life is in. It will take work. It will not be smooth going, or easy. But she will have a chance to get better. A story about dealing with depression.

Veritas Odit Moras by Wyrdsmithe

  • Recommended by Aacorn Soup
  • Status: Dormant (Last updated 21 May 2022)
  • Synopsis: Rather than letting herself continue to get beat down by the Trio, Taylor decides to get homeschooled and leaks details of the bullying (and evidence of Winslow's cover-up) to the FBI as an anonymous whistleblower; Taylor then becomes an Independent Hero. It's a canon-power (until Glory Girl's careless assumptions causes Taylor to second-Trigger with the ability to create portals with rings of bugs) post-locker canon divergence.

Vista has enough by mp3-1415player

  • Recommended by Flar3001
  • Status: Complete Oneshot
  • Synopsis: Life is not easy for Missy Biron alias Vista. Her parents' constant arguments makes her private life a living hell, most of her fellow Wards and the members of the Brockton Bay Protectorate still treat her like a child and the various gangs in the city grow stronger and more influential every day. So when the powder keg blows up and the E88 and the ABB go to war with each other, she decides that she has had enough.

With Friends Like These by TheMadmanAndre

  • Recommended by Esseresse, Robinton, Alivaril, Flairina, Question Marker
  • Status: Ongoing. Last updated January 11, 2023.
  • Synopsis: The Queen Admin shard decides that Taylor needs new friends. So it gives her the Endbringers. Who are 6" tall, cute and still have all their powers. (Fan nickname: Friendbringers)

...Who Needs Enemies? by The Steve

  • Recommended by Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Dead (last update February 2018)
  • Synopsis: A marginally more serious take on the above fanfic. This version has the Endbringers remain the same size and treat Taylor's orders and thoughts rather literally.

Worm d20 by throwaawy

  • Recommended by Zeyrha, Sheaman3773, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Status: Dead as of July 2014
  • Synopsis: You know that one gamer, the one who breaks into every house and turns the place inside-out in their search for loot? That adventurer who slaughters everything in their path for XP? What if the events of Worm were a group of friends simply playing a pen & paper RPG? What if the protagonist could best be described as one such adventurer?

Wolf Spider by hume

  • Recommended by: creaturefeature1
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Taylor Hebert, bullied here, does a few things differently and winds up meeting a very different Undersider, in rather different circumstances. Rachel is a main character, btw. Minor AU.

Your Friendly Thinker by YFT

  • Recommended by plasticpebble
  • Status: Dead (last update September 2016)
  • Synopsis: A fan of Worm finds herself sharing Taylor's mind, and starts setting things right. The only canon changes so far are ripples. It's basically a mixture of a self-insert and peggy sue.

Meta by TinyGladiator

  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Status: Hiatus (last update April 2023, threadlocked due to author inactivity)
  • Synopsis: A weird and symbolic fanfiction about a certain webnovel being posted on PHO bit by bit.

Behind the Scenes by Rukaio Alter

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Status: One-shot
  • Synopsis: Contessa finds a precog who has written a novel detailing how Scion will be defeated.

     Alternate Universe 
The characters are written into a different world/universe than the one they are typically from.

A Propensity for Wrath by becuzitswrong

  • Recommended by: Gentlemens Dame 883
  • Status: Dead (The author Died During Production)
  • Synopsis: When Taylor was supposed to trigger, something interfered. Now she can see others' emotions and imbue items with her own, giving them power. But is she controlling her powers, or are her powers controlling her?

Abreaction by Jace911

  • Recommended by: pyrotorch246, Sheaman3773
  • Status: Dead Last update: 2013
  • Synopsis: Abreaction has the same basic premise as Here Be Dragons, so Taylor gets Lung's powers instead of her canon ones, and one day she snaps. The story starts after she's been captured by the PRT, and explores just how thoroughly broken Taylor is instead of focusing on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. It also manages to be even more depressing than Worm ever was, which takes some doing.

Absolution by Quantumsheepery

  • Recommended by pseudobob, Pseudoname, Pastykake
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: A divergence from canon, starting during the bank robbery in Act 3, where Lisa's revelations concerning Amelia and Victoria push them both out of New Wave. The story focuses on the two girls as deuteragonists, and follows an altered storyline from alternating perspectives. Things really start to diverge from canon in the aftermath of Bakuda's rampage.
  • Tags: Canon-Divergence,

After Sphere by oldtimer

  • Recommended by Flairina
  • Status: Dead Last update: 2016
  • Synopsis: The Simurgh was driven out of Switzerland more effectively than expected, leaving Sphere alive and prompting a slow change in cape policy. The day of the bank robbery, that policy finally changes, and Taylor ends up imprisoned on a spaceship bound for Triton.

Amelia (TanaNari). Also found at Sufficient Velocity and Questionable Questing

  • Recommended by: Esseresse, ShotgunWilly, Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The Slaughterhouse 9 push Amy enough that she started pushing back. Also Bonesaw makes a Working Pegasus.
    • The thread on SB is no longer active due to content restrictions, so TanaNari has moved updating to QQ and SV.

Atonement by Cerulean

  • Recommended by: russianspy1234, Ragnar The Semi Green, Knight Light 321, SigmaJargon, Question Marker
  • Status: Dead (last update April 2016)
  • Synopsis: An AU fic where Taylor dies in the locker prank, and Madison's guilt causes her to trigger as well as fall out with Sophia and Emma. Plot ensues as she tries to atone for her deeds and joins the Wards in the process.
    • Seconded. Of particular note is the author's update pace. The story, now in its 13th arc, started on September 26th. So far, the author has been posting a minimum of four chapters of roughly three thousand words every week.
    • Thirded. As of today, 6/11/15, Atonement is on its 31st arc, and still going strong. While still having a serious tone and a seriously good story (And a boatload of mythology gag to the original series), Atonement manages to be somewhat more light-hearted and optimistic in a way that isn't terrible. The author also has a second fic, entitled Intrepid, which follows a similar premise in an Alternate Universe setting.

Gangs of Brockton (Worm Lite Gang Empire Builder) by Spktr Alpha

  • Recommended by: Ablige33
  • Status: Dead in all parts (last update to both quest and fanfic versions January/February 2018)
  • Synopsis: "It's 2011 and Brockton is a gang ridden shithole. With you leading one said Gang. You're new in town and the Nazis, the Merchants, and the Asian Nazis aren't sharing. That said you got a few tricks up your sleeve and you feel lucky. Then again that's what they all say."
  • Comments: Big changes to the Worm universe with the introduction of The Order, a new Gang that cranks the Deus Vault up to 11 and then some. Tons of Knights dishing out holy punishment against baddies like E88 and helping the citizens of Brockton whenever possible. Also, crusading abound. This is a quest-based story (i.e. audience participation through voting).

Intrepid by Cerulean can be found on Spacebattles

  • Recommended by Leid, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Status: Ongoing (last update February 2023)
  • Synopsis: An AU fic where the locker prank ends with Taylor in a vegetative state. This event ends up with the terrible trio splitting apart and ending up in different schools. Unbeknownst to one another, Taylor, Madison, and Emma end up triggering as well and each sets out on a different path, with Emma joining the Undersiders, Madison becoming an Independent hero, and Taylor joining Faultline's crew.

It Gets Worse by ack1308

  • Recommended by: ReaderAt2046, Unclouded TJ, euan112358, Dame-Amaryllis, GarthSerca, Red-Dead-Redeemer, BobtheBoldore
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: An AU fic where Taylor gets a very different powerset from the locker incident. Specifically, her power now manipulates events to bring Laser-Guided Karma on anyone who tries to harm Taylor, even in an extremely indirect fashion. Essentially epic-scale Plot Armor, but so strong that Director Piggot calls her "the scariest parahuman I have ever met. And yes, I am including Nilbog in that total". Oh, and it has a very strong sense of humour.
  • Tags: Comedy/Humor
  • Now has a trope page.

Monster by Ghoul King

  • Recommended by: Flairina, Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Dead (last update August 2019)
  • Synopsis: When no one is looking, Taylor Hebert becomes a monster. But while her power is unfriendly, it's also quite strong, and with it she decides to take a more... proactive approach than most to the threats of the world. Starting with Nilbog.
    • Comments: An AU where Taylor triggers with Night's power. VERY well thought out, and a very original departure from the norm, particularly in the scope of Taylor's goals. Highly recommended.

Weaver Nine by Thinker6.

  • Recommended by Racheakt, SigmaJargon, Robinton, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: AU where Taylor is born to Jack Slash's parents and vice versa. Taylor gets forcibly recruited by King when he forms the Slaughterhouse 9, but then conspires with Harbinger to take him down and form her own, increasingly powerful collective known as the Society. Fast-forward to a young Jack Slash, ready and eager to use his cunning and powers to take on the criminal underbelly of Brockton Bay. Accelerates into awesome very quickly.

Life Bends Down by Pericardium (Spacebattles link, has omakes and fanart)

  • Recommended by: TOPHAT, maroon_sweater, theonewhowas
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A no powers college AU set in modern day, starring members of Cauldron and the Protectorate. Cancer patient Rebecca Costa-Brown gets a new lease on life—not through superpowers in a bottle, but dumb luck and the miracle of modern medicine. Naturally, she uses this opportunity to go to university, torment her roommate, get high, make friends, write papers, drink in moderation, and generally wreck everything in her path. Contains Alexandria/Contessa shipping.
  • Tags: Slice-of-life, humor, romance.

Like Mother, Like Skitter by LD1449 (Spacebattles link)

  • Recommended by: Tron80, Puidwen, Unclouded TJ, Dame-Amaryllis
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Alternate Universe fic. In this universe, Annette didn't die. And she is "Marquis". Not Amelia's dad. She leads a criminal enterprise and goes back home to her normal, simple family life at night. Shenanigans ensue when Taylor triggers and wants to be a hero, being completely oblivious to her mother's cape ID, and Annette uses her resources to help Taylor while simultaneously playing the 'evil' nemesis.
  • Tags: Comedy.

Mauling Snarks by CmptrWz

  • Recommended by: Ash19256, Unclouded TJ, MoonEyes2k
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In an Alternate Universe of Worm where powers desire usage, not conflict, a much more noble Jack Slash took over the Slaughterhouse Nine, turning the villain group into a therapy support group. Finally paying a visit to his brother-in-law Danny Hebert, he finds his niece Taylor missing. He finds her locked in a school locker filled with filth, and after rescuing her, finds that she Triggered. A story about paperwork, trolling, and teaching important lessons about asking questions and assuming nothing. Finished as of March 2020, coming in at an amazing 312 chapters and 1.6 MILLION words.
  • Tags: Comedy, Wards!Taylor

Path to Munchies by Merle Corey

  • Recommended by: euan112358, Unclouded TJ, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Alternate Universe fic with an AltPower!Taylor. The power she gets is essentially Contessa's Path to Victory with a very particular caveat: every plan she makes must involve food somehow.
  • Tags: Comedy.

Reconciliation by LD1449 (Sufficient Velocity Link)

  • Recommended by: Gentlemens Dame 883, tpyrene, Unclouded TJ, Dancingrage, Flairina
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In an Alternate Universe, Taylor and Danny were in Kyushu when Leviathan struck. Only the former survived to be found by Lung. Fast forward to present day and a rather different Brockton Bay...

Seed by TheAnt

  • Recommended by: Flairina, Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Dead (last updated January 2017)
  • Synopsis: An alternate universe where the Endbringers attack in a few different places and order that leads to Taylor gaining Blasto’s shard. Desperate to be a hero, Taylor takes a dangerous gamble to give herself the power to save the city and chooses to become a Heroic Warlord to save the city from itself. Will Taylor become the hero the world needs or the monster that brings it all crashing to the ground?
  • Comments: Unclouded TJ: It has a slow start, but once it ramps up it has some decidedly awesome moments where Taylor shows just how smart she is with her power and everyone becomes terrified of her. Including Piggot being so scared she activates the Endbringer alarm just for one of Taylor's strikes against the ABB.

Taylor Costa-Brown by Omega_93

  • Recommended by GarthSerca, Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: An alternate universe where Rebecca Costa-Brown is Taylor's mother and Taylor is known widely as the daughter of the PRT's chief director, leading to her becoming a valuable target for many villainous groups and individuals.

WIND by jikotel

  • Recommended by Question Marker
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: An AU where Taylor triggers with Skidmark's power.
  • Comments: There are actually two AU elements to this fic. The first is the aforementioned Alt-power. The second (spoilers for the first arc) is Scion committing suicide. After that, things start to get weirder. Much weirder. Rated M for Mind Screw.

Terminus by Xbritomartx

  • Recommended by: Ariachus, Pseudoname
  • Status: Hiatus
  • Synopsis: Alternate Universe. Things go according to Alexandria's plan during Cell. A discredited Taylor is sent to the Birdcage for killing Tagg, but Cauldron intercepts her and puts her to work.
  • Tags: Adventure, Sci-Fi

Panorama and Plague by Helian05

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Status: Dead.
  • Synopsis: Sick of being underestimated, Vista leaves the Wards and runs into Taylor during the latter's first night out. Both girls decide to start their own hero team.
  • Tags: Alternate Universe, Action.

Taylor's Guide to Dealing with a Master by Taledevourer

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Status: Complete. One-shot.
  • Synopsis: "I stopped listening at that point but it hardly mattered. I know knew what was going on. New girl, whomever she is, is mastering Emma, her father, and more than likely her entire family. I had to do something about it but what?"
  • Tags: Drama.

A Ghost of a Chance by cliffc999

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Taylor wakes up in the hospital after the locker incident, with a different power and the memories of a Worm fan who wanted to self-insert in the story.
  • Tags: Drama, Action.

Athena by Neopolilan

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Things rarely go according to plan in Brockton Bay. Accidents happen all the time. People make mistakes and often find themselves unable to take them back. Sometimes you can accidentally go too far, hurt someone in a way you didn't mean to hurt them in. Sometimes, that person doesn't make it.
  • Tags: Slight Alternate Universe, Drama, Family.

Universal Truths by TheCompiler

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "My power comes in different parts. Essentially? It's a Trump. It's activated by a set of thirteen phrases that have to be spoken aloud that you'd probably classify as Shaker/Stranger or Shaker/Master. For each Phrase I say, I get exponentially more powerful. And so too do the...pulses that the phrases create. Those are the bits I can't control. If [people] hear them out of sequence, they die. If they hear one that's too high numbered for them, they die. That's about that. The human mind obsesses over them. Hearing one makes them want to learn the rest. Makes them figure out the rest."
  • Tags: Action, Horror.

Sacrament by Hopeful Penguin

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Status: Hiatus
  • Synopsis: Author Summary: "AU in which Taylor goes to church as a way to escape Winslow, and ends up triggering with a variant on Teacher's power (less powerful gifts, no mind-whammy). The intent is to have a story in which Taylor genuinely helps people (or at least tries to do so, however inexpertly) and works to solve socio-economic challenges as opposed to putting on a costume and beating up the urban poor."
  • Tags: Alternate Universe, Drama

"Larva" by Omega_93

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: One moment, Taylor was staring down Bonesaw's manic grin. The next, she was waking as if from a deep sleep, and her big sister was there to teach her how to be a good girl. Two years later, after the end of the world, Taylor sets out to distinguish herself from the legacy of the woman she could have been.
  • Tags: Drama, Action.

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

All The Wrong Questions by Fox_In_A_Box.

  • Pairings: Number Man/Contessa
  • Recommended by Pericardium, maroon_sweater
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Hurt/comfort oneshot, pre-Worm. Five times the Number Man asked the wrong question and one time he provided an insightful answer.

Walkabouts by FineBalancer. (SpaceBattles thread here )

  • Pairings: Amy/Taylor
  • Recommended by Lavanya Six, Faraway_2, Flairina
  • Status: Dead as of March 2014
  • Synopsis: Post-Leviathan, Taylor is living in a shelter, angry and adrift. A chance encounter puts her on a different course as she struggles to correct previous mistakes, and find a place for herself in this nebulous world of heroes and villains. (AU, post 8.07)

A fan fiction which incorporates characters, events, places, ideas, etc from another fandom.


Alchemical Solutions (Sufficient Velocity Link)
  • Recommended by Ack Sed
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: You can do a lot with determination. For instance, your commitment to justice when you're shoved into a locker could attract the attention of a planet-sized machine god, who then decides to gift you with a brand-new machine body with all sorts of cool powers. But there's always a price for power. Always.
  • This fic is written in the 2nd PoV.

Fiend, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Green Sun (FFN link) by logiccosmic.

  • Recommended by RazorSmile, throwaawy, and spacemonkey37
  • Status: Dead as of September 2013
  • Synopsis: Taylor Hebert failed in her moment to become something more. But with her failure, she was Chosen.

Goblin Queen by Biigoh (multiple threads, first one here. version here)

Memoirs Of A Human Flashlight by Golden Lark

  • Recommended by Ack Sed, spacemonkey37, nitewind
  • Status: Dead (last update was October 25th, 2016)
  • Synopsis: Taylor stops and thinks, examining why the bullying is going on. A carefully-worded email to the PRD bullying helpline leads to the bullying stopping - in the most dramatic way possible.

Oracle by Maugan Ra

  • Recommended by Trooper1023
  • Status: Complete as of Dec 2014
  • Synopsis: Worm AU/Crossover. Hero is hailed, even long after his death, as the father of Motonic Physics on Earth Bet. Taylor Hebert does not trigger, rather she Exalts as a Chosen of Secrets. Sophia Hess is delighted. So is Lung.

Zenith by Ryuugi

  • Recommended by Gentlemens Dame 883, Faraway_2
  • Status: Dead as of May 2014
  • Synopsis: At the end, instead of the one who canonically found her, Taylor is instead found by the Unconquered Sun and granted a Solar Exaltation. Now, with the aid of some unlikely allies, she will set the worlds right again.

The Gamer

Game on! by FixerUpper

  • Recommended by Ack Sed, Flairina, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Status: Dead, last updated May 5th, 2016
  • Synopsis: Annette Rose-Hebert, lecturer at community college, mother of Taylor Hebert, wife of Danny, triggers as The Gamer after a car crash. Now she can read textbooks with a touch, gain skills from reading, see her health and attributes as a number and receives quests from... somewhere. What on Earth does she do now?

Nexus Quest by jcw3

  • Recommended by: SolMark-1
  • Also crosses over with: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Status: Dead (as of November 2014)
  • Synopsis: Rather than triggering with her canon power, Taylor instead gains the ability to travel through dimensions, with the additional bonus of the Gamer's power.
  • Be aware this is a quest, not a normal fanfic. It is also written in the second-person point of view.

Co-op Mode by Faria_Lyton

  • Recommended by: Anna_Nimus, Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Cauldron's plan was bad. The Protectorate was deeply flawed. The PRT was a joke. If Gaia wanted to save her babies, save herself, she'd need to interfere. Enter The Gamer. Too bad it's James. Now with a companion fic by Harper Potts, A Bug in the Game, which is the story from Taylor's point of view.

A Daring Synthesis by Ironypus

  • Recommended by Gentlemens Dame 883
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Greg Veder discovers that the prospect of unlimited power growth that comes with being a Gamer also comes with growing as a person in ways that might prove awkward if not outright painful.

Kill Them All (Kill Them All SpaceBattles link) by ShayneT

  • Recommended by Gentlemens Dame 883 , GLH
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: An attempt by the Empire 88 to pressure the Dockworkers' Association goes tragically wrong. Unfortunately for the neo-Nazis, Taylor is a fledgling Gamer, and they've given her one Hell of a casus belli.

Other Crossovers

Acceleration by chibipoe

A Certain Mythic Archmage by Shadow Cristal Mage

  • Recommended by: Milarqui
  • Crossover with: Pathfinder
  • Status: Dead; last updated September 2019
  • Synopsis: Rather than having to go through all the pesky mess of grinding up, Taylor wakes from the locker incident as a full-blown level 20 wizard with 10 mythic ranks in Archmage. Taking up the cape name Solomonnote , she sets out to follow the example of Legend and become a hero everyone can look up to... as long as her powers don't get in the way.

A Change of Pace by AtrenGraves

  • Recommended by Leid
  • Crossover with: Dishonored
  • Status: Dormant; last updated January 2018
  • Synopsis: When Taylor went into the locker, she drew the attention of two beings. One offered an absent thought, and a broken tool that wasn't even meant for her. The other took a more personal approach.

A Cloudy Path by LacksCreativity

  • Recommended by: Lavanya Six, Leid, Alivaril
  • Crossover with: Supreme Commander
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Solo Tinkers are rare in the Wormverse, and Taylor Hebert has the unfortunate privilege of learning why.
    • Alternate Synopsis: Tinker!Taylor gets access to the Aeon technology tree.

Acolyte by NexusTheDark (SpaceBattles link)

  • Recommended by Esseresse
  • Crossovers with: Warhammer 40,000
  • Status: Dormant (last update was on March 17 of 2018, no word from author about continuing).
  • Synopsis: In the locker, Taylor is approached by the Gods of Chaos and asked to choose which one to worship. Taylor chooses all of the above. Chaos!Taylor proceeds to kick Hookwolf's ass and attract the respect and affection of Shadow Stalker of all people.

A Quiet Life by Cheshire Cat (SpaceBattles link).

  • Recommended by: Aacorn Soup.
  • Crossover with: Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable
  • Status: Dead (last updated February 2017)
  • Synopsis: After dying at the end of Diamond Is Unbreakable, Yoshikage Kira wakes up in Brockton Bay, saves Annette from a car accident, and proceeds to settle down into his normal routine. The local Supervillains end up threatening Kira's quiet life, with predictable results.
    • Alternate synopsis: A JoJo Big Bad as a Villain Protagonist. Killer Queen, Sheer Heart Attack, and Bites The Dust end up being used on people who genuinely deserve it.

Agents and Shield by Puzzle

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Crossover with: Marvel Universe
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Armsmaster is sent into the MCU, works with Tony Stark for a while, then comes back with a few other characters.
  • Tags: Action, Drama

A Survivor Is Born by Heather Sinclair

  • Recommended by: mikemerc, Robinton, Question Marker, Saslen
  • Crossovers with: Tomb Raider (2013)
  • Status: Dead as of September 2014
  • Synopsis: After Taylor returns from Yamatai, she just wants her life to go back to normal. The PRT, on the other hand, wants to know how she wound up killing over 400 people and walked away with only a few scars.
  • Notes: AU for both game and Worm. Shadow Stalker is a little saner than in canon, emphasis on "little".

Bio Arc by Dingbat779

  • Recommended by: Tron80
  • Crossover: Guyver
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: The setting is the night of Emma's worst night. Before running into the ABB, Emma finds an object that reminds her of a movie she and Taylor really liked. When several thugs surround her and her father, she finds out that "prop" works exactly like a Guyver bio-armor suit. And that is only the beginning of her many, many troubles.
  • Tags: Drama, Action.

Cazador (Worm) by Nemo the Unknown

  • Recommended by: OldtimerHun
  • Crossover with: Fallout: New Vegas
  • Status: Hiatus
  • Synopsis: In which Courier Six winds up in Brockton Bay, and proceeds to do his thing, to the aggravation of many.

Chum for Brains by QuickDeath007

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Crossover with: Splatoon
  • Status: Ongoing.
  • Synopsis: "I'm Marlin! I'm an Inkling! And I'm helping you because there's no way someone who sings such beautiful songs is a villain!" On the way to the Birdcage, Canary is rescued by weird anthropomorphic cephalopods. The Inklings and Octolings don't know how they have been transported to the past but they are convinced such a talented singer can't be a bad guy. And they decide that the only way to prove her innocence is to become heroes, even if other people don't want their help. Can Brockton Bay survive their particular brand of "helping"?
  • Tags: Comedy, Action.

Centipede by Pangolin (SpaceBattles link)

  • Recommended by: Grand-Admiral and GarthSerca
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: Tokyo Ghoul
  • Synopsis: Taylor triggers as a Ghoul and eventually takes over the Merchants and relabels them as the Red Tongues. The Author does a great job of blending in some elements of Tokyo Ghoul without actually bringing Tokyo Ghoul itself into Worm.
  • Comments: If anyone could flesh out the Synopsis some more, it'd be appreciated - Grand Admiral.

Compulsion (Lead Zeppelin)

  • Recommended by: GarthSerca
  • Crossovers with: [PROTOTYPE]
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A new threat arrives in Brockton Bay.

Constellations by UnwelcomeStorm

  • Recommended by: ShadeHawk, Unclouded TJ, TheForgottenOne, Tropers/krourou2, Dame-Amaryllis, Saslen, Pastykake
  • Crossovers with: Ōkami
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Eight year old Taylor Hebert gets lost in the woods during summer camp, and is found by a white dog/wolf with red markings. When Taylor's mom dies, the white wolf is there for her. Together they restore a shrine, and paint Brockton Bay.
  • Tags: Humor, Heartwarming

Covenant by The Laurent

  • Recommended by: Tron 80
  • Crossover with: Vampire: The Requiem
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: One month after the start of the bullying, Taylor is turned into a vampire.
  • Tags: Horror, Supernatural, Drama.

The Crisis Of Taylor Hebert by The Divine Demon

  • Recommended by Esseresse, Robinton
  • Crossover with: The Techno Queen, Silencio, Starry Eyes, Shy Girl, Synesthesia, and Wail Of The Banshee
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: 7 Taylors, 1 universe, what's the worst that could happen?

Dreaming of Foxfire by Thanatanos. (Fanfiction Link)

  • Recommended by Leid
  • Crossovers with: League of Legends
  • Status: Dead as of September 2015
  • Synopsis: Taylor triggers with the same power and abilities as Ahri from League of Legends, ending up working with the ABB after saving Bakuda's mother.
  • Notes: A fun read at over 80,000 words, Lung and Bakuda are... humanized for a lack of a better term, made more sympathetic. Likewise, Taylor deals with the effect that Ahri's personality has when she enters into her fox form and ends up in an awkward position.

The DOOM of Earth Bet by Inquisitor Halbread

  • Recommended by: Mikemerc
  • Crossover with: Doom
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: When demons invade Winslow Greg Veder becomes a new doom slayer.

Echoes of Yesterday by Rapidfyrez

  • Recommended by: Ariachus, BobtheBoldore
  • Crossover with: Supergirl
  • Status: Rewrite on hiatus since 6th Jun 2021
  • Synopsis: Welcome to a new world, a world where the line between hero and villain is thin and unknown. A world unknowingly besieged by a force far greater than imagination, where hope has died. In these trying times, new heroes will rise, old villains will fall, and the world will change, for better and worse.
  • Tags: Sci-Fi, Adventure

Emblems Forged in Fire by Lord Trent Blackmore

  • Recommended by: Tron80
  • Crossover With: Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Taylor vanishes during the locker prank. When she reappears one week later, she comes accompanied by her future daughter and she's spent five years fighting in the Ylissean wars as a member of the Shepherds.
  • Pairing(s): Taylor/Robin, Chrom/Sumia
  • Tags: Action/Adventure.

The End Bringer by Materia-Blade

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Crossover with: Final Fantasy
  • Status: Ongoing.
  • Synopsis: Taylor triggers as a White Mage, and takes a much different route.
  • Tags: Drama, Alternate Universe

Exodus by Ld 1449

  • Recommended by: Question Marker
  • Crossover with: Big Hero 6
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: After Gold Morning, Taylor is dropped through a hole in space and left for dead. Through chance, that hole opened up in a different universe, one which just had its first taste of superheroes…

Exiled by (Fantasy Ra)

  • Recommended by: Sheaman3773, Gentlemens Dame 883
  • Crossovers with: Mass Effect
  • Status: Complete, with a sequel, Gatecrash, now posting.
  • Synopsis: A crossover between Mass Effect and Worm, with an age-adjusted and dimensionally-displaced Shepard stuck in Brockton Bay. While out collecting 'salvage' from a local gang safehouse, he happens across Lung and the costumed (but as yet unnamed) Taylor midfight, and decides to help out. This looks to be the start of a beautiful friendship...and maybe, something more?

The Exodus by Nullenvoid

  • Recommended by: Bharjwarj
  • Crossovers with: The Amazing World of Gumball
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: In the immediate aftermath of 'The Inquisition,' Elmore falls into the Void as their show comes to an end. Not willing to just curl up and fade away, Gumball seeks to rescue his town by finding a new world for them to move to. Unfortunately, the one he chose was Earth Bet, specifically Brockton Bay.

Fear by Ryuugi

  • Recommended by: Gentlemens Dame 883
  • Crossovers with: The DCU
  • Status: Dead - last update 16th Dec 2017
  • Synopsis: The final villain is barely dead when a Yellow Ring picks Taylor as its wielder for her ability to instil great fear. Trouble is coming for the DC Universe on many fronts, and she will have a great many opportunities to exercise that talent.

Felix Fortuna by Chartic, maroon_sweater, Pericardium, tearlessNevermore

  • Recommended by Zeikos
  • Crossover with: Harry Potter, Flavia de Luce
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Scion's been killed and the world's been saved. Fantastic! Less fantastic: Contessa realizing she's about to spend the rest of her life dodging Legend and assassination attempts. She decides she's going to be happy, even if that means starting all over again in a different world. Slice-of-life Post-GM fic about Fortuna going to Hogwarts, making friends, and solving mysteries.

A Finely Honed Blade by Ensou

  • Recommended by EdwardGrave, Unclouded TJ and GarthSerca SortaCats
  • Crossover with: The Garden of Sinners
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: What would you do if you could see death, knew how to end anyone and anything? What would you do if you had touched emptiness itself, had it infest your soul, invade your mind, and whisper in your ear? How would you handle knowing you could never escape it?.
    • Excellent Story, it's one of the best I've ever read. It also is one of the few fanfic I've read where Taylor has OC friends that are interesting.

Firebird by chibipoe (link'')

  • Recommended by: Deadman2020
  • Crossover with: X-Men
  • Status: Dead; last updated January 4, 2017.
  • Synopsis: Rather than trigger with the ability to control insects, Taylor gains the power of another cosmic entity. For now, the Phoenix slumbers.

For Honour and Glory by RustyPony

  • Recommended by: Ariachus, GarthSerca, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Crossover with: A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Status: Dead; last update 22 Aug 2020
  • Synopsis: Glory Girl ends up in Westeros just as the events of A Game of Thrones happen. A classic Isekai, in that she has no idea how she got there or how to return.
  • Tags: Fantasy, Adventure

...Fucking Tinkers by Violetshadows

  • Recommended by: Phant0m5, Leid, Robinton
  • Crossover with: Sword Art Online
  • Status: Ongoing.
  • Synopsis: Taylor Hebert, post Scion, wakes up alone in a virtual world with the name Khepri on her HUD. Assuming this is the work of a Tinker, possibly to replace the Birdcage, she wanders around aimlessly until she is teleported into Aincard proper. Just in time for Kayaba's speech.
  • Comments: Some of the best parts of this fanfic come from the interaction between Khepri and the rest of the SAO players. The difference between the mindset of a modern citizen of the SAO-Earth and a hardened cape of Earth Bet is so sharp that the closest comparison they have is labeling Khepri as part of the Yakuza.

Go Gently by Shana The Short

  • Recommended by: Demonata1-04, Flairina, Red-Dead-Redeemer, Saslen
  • Crossover with Welcome to Night Vale
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Go gently is a crossover between the Web Serial Worm and Podcast Welcome to Night Vale that takes it upon itself to include the cosmic horror of both series, while still being hilarious. The story builds up a little slow but can easily keep your attention long enough for it to take flight.
  • Comments: Considering that skewed perspectives on absolute horror are at the centers of both Welcome to Night Vale and Worm, maybe it's not surprising how well the two canons mesh. This fusion is completely seamless and utterly horrifyingly hilarious.

The Great Sage of Heaven by Jayf

  • Recommended by Bharjwarj
  • Crossover with: Journey to the West
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Monkey Trouble on Earth Bet. Hail the Great Sage Equal to Heaven

Hatchling Quest by ImmortalsBlade

  • Recommended by Unclouded TJ
  • Crossover with: Metroid
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: 14-year old Samus Aran wakes up wounded in Brockton Bay after stopping a Space Pirate plot. The space pirates attempted to destroy a space station by launching it across dimensions into the Earth for fun. Involves a younger inexperienced Samus discovering what to do in this new world with several culture shocks. As with all quests choices for Samus's actions are decided by vote.

Hávamál by Jamie_Roberts

  • Recommended by: bharjwarj
  • Crossover with: Norse Mythology
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Taylor takes up working for a weary traveler.

He Who Devours The World by Rigged Bomb

  • Recommended by: GarthSerca
  • Crossovers with: God Eater
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Heroic Nilbog with the ability to recreate the Aragami.

Hearts Aflutter by Szept

  • Recommended by: GarthSerca, Unclouded TJ
  • Crossovers with: Yandere Simulator
  • Status: Dormant; last updated May 2019
  • Synopsis: "Taylor will be hers. She doesn't have a choice." Taylor becomes the obsession of a certain Yandere stalker.

Hereafter by James D. Fawkes (link)

  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Crossover with Fate/Grand Order
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Gold Morning was supposed to be the end. The capstone of a short, frenetic career. Taylor Hebert's fight was supposed to be over. But the end of one story is often the beginning of another, and when she's offered the chance to take part in a mission whose scale and scope feel so very familiar, there's only one answer she could give.
  • Comments: Taylor is evacuated to Chaldea and ends up working there, learning magecraft for two years before the Singularity F, and ended up becoming Ritsuka and Rika's (Gudako) senior and mentor.

Hooked on a Feeling! by Rukaio Alter

Hope Through Overwhelming Firepower by Border42

  • Recommended by: Assana73, Robinton, Unclouded TJ
  • Crossover with: Diebuster
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Wherein the greatest threat to humanity is keeping Taylor happy.

Hunter by UnwelcomeStorm

  • Recommended by: Gentlemens Dame 883, Leid, Saslen
  • Crossover with: Bloodborne
  • Status: Dead, last updated October 2016
  • Synopsis: When the Locker happened, Taylor Hebert was nowhere to be found. Until she was. Now the people of Brockton Bay are starting to act up and a mysterious figure wielding an oversized hand-saw carves a bloody swathe through the gangs. Are these things connected? Do you really want to see? Grant us eyes, grant us eyes...

I am Shadow. I am the Light. by NexusTheDark

  • Recommended by: GarthSerca
  • Crossovers with: Final Fantasy
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: The Warrior of Light and Darkness arrives in Brockton Bay. Fear for anyone in her way. And also the entire planet.

An Imago of Rust and Crimson by Earth Scorpion

  • Recommended by: Racheakt and spacemonkey37
  • Crossover with: New World of Darkness
  • Status: Ongoing, moved to Sufficient Velocity
  • Synopsis: Are we all just insects, blindly squirming through life? Will we all die tomorrow when an Endbringer shows up? Who's the person thinking this? Who's the person reading this? Hell, who's the person writing this?

Imperator by berryjon

  • Recommended by FoggyPlayer
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: Bravely Second
  • Synopsis: Having chased a monster to the end of time and space to kill it, Denys Geneolgia tries to find his way back, and ends up short, on Earth Bet. He then starts talking.
  • Comments: A showcase of the author's ability to write dialog, Imperator is the story of a man who uses his words as a weapon.

Fate Kaleid Prisma Taylor by Rater202 (SpaceBattles link) (Fanfiction link)

  • Recommended by Pastykake
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA
  • Synopsis: There are many facets of the Kaleidoscope. Lord Zelretch is curious as to why one seems to lack magecraft, and so sets a kaleidostick named Opal to the task. For good or for ill, that kaleidostick has chosen Taylor Hebert as her master.

The Last Daughter by Thuktun Flishithy (author of Hail to the King)

  • Recommended by Deadman2020, Esseresse, Mach Rider 1985, Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Complete, with Mega Crossover sequel CRISIS also Completed
  • Crossover with: Superman
  • Synopsis: "I always knew there was something strange about me, I guess." An AU in which Taylor Hebert was born Zara Jor-El, The last daughter of Krypton.

Lodestar by ShayneT

  • Recommended by: GarthSerca
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: X-Men
  • Synopsis: Taylor as Magneto's granddaughter.

The Man from Tomorrow by fleet

Meh, I Can Take Them All by wkz.

  • Recommended by Zergman, Robinton
  • Crossovers with: One-Punch Man
  • Status: Dead; last updated November 2016
  • Synopsis: Worm is a story containing Superheroes! Angst! It gets worse! Villains! Grief! It gets worse! Warlords! Bullies! Monsters! It gets even worse! Politics! Evil Conspiracies! Face-heel turns! The End of the World! And Doing the Wrong Things for Right Reasons! ... Gah, that sucks. Let's rewind to the start, add a little something more. Stir thoroughly, bake, and serve. Mmm... cake...

Miraculous Escalation by cg99

  • Recommended by: En Passant, BobtheBoldore, Saslen
  • Crossover With: Miraculous Ladybug
  • Status: Completed
  • Synposis: When Skitter is tossed into another world in the aftermath of the battle with Noelle, how will she get back? And how will the light and fluffy world of Miraculous Ladybug deal with Warlord Skitter? The world - and innocent bystanders - want to know.

Worm: More Than Meets the Eye by Metallix666

  • Recommended by mikemerc, Esseresse, Robinton, Gentlemens Dame 883, InfiniteFreedom01
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: Transformers
  • Synopsis: When Primus sees the destruction caused by the Entities he decides to take action before earth can become another victim to their cycle
    • This is truly a great read. The author truly has a masterpiece in the making.

Morphosis by NonSequtur

Mother of Vengeance by Leliel.

  • Recommended by Angel Form
  • Crossovers with: Birthright
  • Status: Hiatus as of February 25th 2015
  • Synopsis: Taylor kills a monster and inherits its power. The universe is never going to be the same again.

No Plumbers Allowed

  • Reccommended by BobtheBoldore
  • Crossover with: Super Mario Bros.
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: When you Wish upon a Star, sometimes they actually listen. Taylor Hebert wakes up with the entire catalogue of the Mushroom Kingdom inside her head. Tech, power-ups, and more. If it has eyes, she can make it. Seriously, why does everything have eyes?

On Missing Limbs by fallacies. Also found at SpaceBattles, Sufficient Velocity and

  • Recommended by iridium9900
  • Crossover with: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Three months after she was found in her locker, Taylor Hebert wakes up in a hospital room. A sequence of short scenes, meant largely to be humorous. Not actually a fic where Taylor triggers with an alternate set of powers.

One Girl Force by Noxed Salvation

  • Recommended by: Esseresse, Robinton
  • Crossover with: Perry Rhodan
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: At age 14 Taylor is on a Class Trip when she is caught in a Leviathan attack. She triggers with the ablity to change in to Icho Tolot. Now if she can figure out how to change back....

Outcry by Zaru and LD1449

  • Recommended by nitewind, Leid
  • Crossover with: Dark Souls II
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: When Taylor triggers in Winslow it turns out that something else hitched a ride.

Point Me at the Skyrim by Ridtom

  • Recommended by: Ariachus, GarthSerca, Saslen
  • Crossover with: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Victoria Dallon. Scholar. Warrior Monk. Glory Girl. Antares. Dovahkiin? A new facet is brought to the fore as forces beyond reality clash, and a wayward hero finds herself in a world far older than her own, and yet similar in some ways. Setting forth to find her way back home, this unknown hero must face new foes and make new allies, lest she too fall prey to the machinations of those who crave her death... or worse.
  • Tags: Fantasy, Adventure

Queen of Blood (SirWill) by SirWill

  • Recommended by nitewind, Unclouded TJ, BobtheBoldore
  • Crossover with: Castlevania
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Taylor Hebert dies in the locker. Then she wakes up in her grave, changed. Powerful. With faint memories of a life not her own. And why does she dream of a castle in the mountains?
  • Comments: Taylor as a newly minted owner of the Castelvania, Dracul's heiress. Getting friends, plotting to save the world. This fic has much going for it: very solid writing, good plot, really inventive way to connect worlds of Castlevania and Worm together, and interesting characters. Overall - awesome read and deserve much more love than it has gotten so far.
  • link

Queen of the Swarm by Vherstinae. On Spacebattles

  • Recommended by Deadman2020, Godkiller999, Alivaril
  • Crossover with: Starcraft
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Some elements taken from Starcraft/Kerrigan, slightly alternate universe. Taylor triggers not only with her canon powers, but also with the ability to modify her bugs and make new ones and some adaptive biology. This Taylor has issues dealing with her changing body and growing powers, luckily for her the world isn't as dark and the rest of Undersiders don't mind showing her their love.

Playing With Legos by Potato Nose

  • Recommended by Gentlemens Dame 883, Unclouded TJ
  • Crossover with: Supreme Commander
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In response to the bullying, Taylor gets the idea to build the perfect cleaning device, but she's not long into using it when a mysterious supervillain kidnaps her, convinced she can do so much more. He's right. By the time her ordeal is over, she has become convinced that the only way to fix the system is to become a Seraph. And yes, unlike the rest of the competition, she does get her ACU.

Remnant of a Worm by Halfmasked

  • Recommended by BobtheBoldore, Saslen
  • Crossover with RWBY
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A post-Golden Morning Taylor arrives in Remnant at the start of Volume 1. Lost in an unfamiliar world and haunted by her actions as Khepri, Ozpin invites her to train at Beacon Academy, where he groups her up with Team RWBY.


  • Recommended by: Sasha Honeypalm, Saslen
  • Crossover with The Lord of the Rings
  • Status: Complete
  • Length: 153 chapters
  • Summary: "Taylor Hebert had a bad day, and came out of it changed. Some parahumans can control bugs. Some can build advanced technology. Some can do unspeakable things to space and time. Taylor can make magic rings, wondrous metals, mysterious weapons, and may not be a parahuman—or, indeed, human—at all."

See You In The Dark by JGSZX

  • Recommended by: GarthSerca, Mei-may.
  • Crossovers with: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Saiki Kusuo gets thrown into Brockton Bay.
  • Comment: This story is incredible. The author captures Saiki's voice and narration perfectly to explore Saiki's perspective in a world where superpowers are a fact of life but none could still match up to the physical god he is. Saiki's interactions with the world around him lead to a vast potential of changing relationships and motives that leave the readers wanting for more. The sheer dedication of the author isn't just expressing through the carefully crafted-dialogues but also through his high-quality illustrations (and mini-game) that bring the reading experience to a new height. Very recommended. A must-read even if you've read neither of the canon stories.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear WXD Unlimited by Rigged Bomb

  • Recommended by: GarthSerca
  • Crossovers with: Symphogear
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Taylor becomes a Symphogear wielder. Symphogear side takes place 4 years after XV.

Shards of Impossibility, by Cybertramon001

  • Recommended by'': Unclouded TJ, Dog3n
  • Status: Dead
  • Crossover with [PROTOTYPE]
  • Synopsis: "In a world where the villains outnumber the heroes, where black and white becomes grey, there is a new force entering the game. A weapon more powerful than anyone can fully understand. And as the old saying goes, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. There will be changes in the world, and cities will shake. A Prototype/Worm crossover. Rated M for blood and swearing."
  • Comments: Alex and Dana Mercer, on the run from Blackwatch after the events of the first game. find themselves literally thrown into the World of Earth Bet. They try lying low in Brockton Bay, but as anyone that knows Alex, he never plays well with others. Features a heavily gray cast that both series are known for and runs with it while having Alex be the truly unstoppable thing he is balanced by his sister's morality. And she wants him to be a super villain.

Shy Girl by gideon020

  • Recommended by Ack Sed, nitewind, Robinton
  • Crossover with: Super Mario Bros.
  • Status: Dead as of October 2013
  • Synopsis: Good news - Taylor Hebert got powers! Bad news - She has ever-so-slightly shattered her psyche in the process. Good news - These little Shy Guys can do just about anything she desires.

A Skittering Heart by Stewart92

  • Recommended by Unclouded TJ
  • Crossovers with: Kingdom Hearts
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: When placed under immense physical and psychological stress instead of Triggering as a Parahuman Taylor Hebert awakens the power of a Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts. Armed with a weapon wielded by heroes and villains across the stars, Taylor sets out to be the hero Brockton Bay deserves... and ends up becoming a fashion model along the way.
  • Pairings: Taylor/Sabah (Parian)

Skittering Thief by ShayneT

  • Recommended by MangaManic
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: Heroes
  • Synopsis: Granted powers from another world, Taylor Hebert must deal with a Cape world that is out to kill her when they discover that she can permanently steal powers.
  • Comments: Taylor with the powers of Arthur Petrelli. It can be slow at certain points, but the parts were things really happen , it's always intense.

Space Ninja Summer Camp by Sleethr

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Crossover with: Warframe
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Taylor is kidnapped and stuffed into a cryopod by a Grineer science/raiding party in 2009 while at summer camp. The Grineer’s ship suffers a malfunction and is trapped in the Void. Taylor wakes and is eventually discovered by a Tenno party.
  • Tags: Sci-Fi

Spinning The Gacha by Rhydeble

  • Recommended by GarthSerca, Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: Learning with Manga! FGO
  • Synopsis: Taylor becomes the Riyo!Gudako equivalent of Worm. Pure Crack. Rather than summoning Servants from FGO however Taylor summons capes from the past, present, future, other fanfics, and alternate timelines (plus event costumes!).

Spirit Detective Taylor by Rigged Bomb

  • Recommended by: bharjwarj
  • Crossovers with: YuYu Hakusho
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Taylor didn't survive the Locker, but was given a second chance because a certain toddler hates paperwork.

Stacked Deck by UnwelcomeStorm

  • Recommended by Balinia, Unclouded TJ
  • Crossovers with: Persona 4
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Armsmaster gets a call from his sister-in-law, who needs him to look after his teenage nephew for a while. Yu Narukami is a well-behaved young man, he shouldn't be any trouble at all. Really.

Starry Eyes by helnae

  • Recommended by Groundon462
  • Crossover with: Cthulhu Mythos
  • Status: Dormant; last updated August 2018
  • Synopsis: Where a girl finds true friends when she looks within. And where friends see what lies beneath the surface - Far less depressing than what this crossover would suggest.

Steel Hands by cg99

Sweet Dreams by Undead Frog

  • Recommended by: Tron80
  • Crossover: Kirby
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Kirby is teleported to Brockton Bay just in time to get Taylor out of the locker. Taylor finds a friend, and her world's villains and monsters find out that happens when the most vicious and cutest Eldritch Abomination gets angry.
  • Tags: Action, Humor.

Synesthesia by Xomniac

  • Recommended by thegreatpl
  • Crossovers with: The World Ends with You
  • Status: Last updated September 2015
  • Synopsis: Music and Colour bring freedom and a new player to the dark streets of Brockton Bay. The Composer has arrived, and she intends on playing her song for all to hear.

The Tale of a Friendship by KindaApatheticButNice

  • Recommended by: xThomas
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: Undertale
  • Synopsis: Crossover with Undertale. Taylor gains the power of Saving and Loading along with a new friend.

Tattered Capes Under a Shattered Moon by TheHatterOfMad

  • Recommended by BobtheBoldore
  • Crossover with: RWBY
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: After Gold Morning, Dragon and Defiant are stranded on Remnant before the start of the series. To better investigate the mystery of Aura and its possible connection to Entities, they enroll as huntsmen in Atlas Academy. Features some well-written fluff between the two.
  • Can also be read on Ao3.
  • Now has a tropes page.

Taylor: Hero of Legacy by anothvortex

  • Recommended by: Puidwen
  • Crossovers with: Super Sentai
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Taylor ends up possessing the powers and being advised by the ghost of the fallen Super Sentai sixth rangers (and one talking sword)

Taylor Varga by mp3.1415player

  • Recommended by Tuqui, Puidwen
  • Crossovers with: Luna Varga
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Taylor triggers but she reaches past dimensions and makes contact with something old and powerful, wanting power to try to be a hero she gets the power of Varga, a godzilla-like demon that mixes with her, being Taylor Hebert is quite nice, being everyone else now...turns out to be quite the experience with a new lizard-like cape going around town.
  • Can be read at Suficient Velocity

Trailblazer by 3ndless

  • Recommended by: Question Marker
  • Crossover with: Gundam
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A Fusion Fic featuring Tinker!Taylor with a specialization that allows her to replicate the technology of Mobile Suit Gundam. No knowledge of Gundam is required to enjoy the story, although having watched it will definitely add to the enjoyment.
  • Comments: Trailblazer integrates both franchises seamlessly, in ways that honestly make way too much sense. It’s a slow burn that gradually works its way up to the high points, but with plenty of things going on in the meantime. Expertly written and plotted.

Fanfic/ULTIMATE-ONE-TYPE-Taylor by Stargazing Seraph

  • Recommended by: Fem Revan 64
  • Crossover with: Nasuverse
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: In response to Gaia's call for aid against the Entities, ORT arrives and lands on Earth to deal with them, in it's initial arrival, it infects Taylor Herbert with Crystal Valley, turning her into an unwitting drone so it can scout the Earth and gain information on Parahuman powers.

Vainglorious by Numen

  • Recommended by Scorpio Bot
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Synopsis: Taking place in a fusion of the Worm Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this fic focuses on the story of a Dark Elf - Taylor Hebert.
  • Comments: While mostly acting as a crossover between Worm and the Thor trilogy of movies, this fanfic incorporates a number of elements from other pieces of the MCU.

Vulcan’s Forge by The Laurent

  • Recommended by: creaturefeature1
  • Crossover with: Star Trek
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Danny gets killed by Hookwolf Taylor triggers at 14, during the trigger Q intervenes and changes Queen Administrator to give Taylor the power to understand and create StarTrek technology. One year later she saves Tattletale from Lung.

Wail Of The Banshee by Blackhole1

  • Recommended by: Unclouded TJ
  • Crossover with Warframe
  • Status: Dead last updated February 2016
  • Synopsis: Taylor gets a Banshee Warframe as her trigger, however unlike some other alt!power fanfics this isn't just the power but the universe along for the ride. The author gives a crash course in the lore for those unfamiliar with Warframe.

The Weaver Option by Antony444

  • Recommended by MoonEyes2k
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossovers with: Warhammer 40,000
  • Synopsis: It is the 45th Millennium and the galaxy is dying. On the verge of victory over the Imperium, the Chaos forces have proven unable to stem the tide against the Great Devourer and its trillions of Tyranids. Only one option: cross the dimensions, find a hero able to triumph where billions have utterly failed and change the course of the past...
  • comment: Taylor, as well as a handful of other Parahumans, are transported to the world of Warhammer 40k. With the intention of making sure that Mankind does not fall to the forces threatening the Imperium, she settles in to beat them all back. The Weaver Option has begun.

Wonderful by Mazinja

  • Recommended by: Tron80, Unclouded TJ
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Crossover with The Wonderful 101. Danny dies instead of Anne. Taylor triggers with Tinker powers, and inspired by her father's heroism, becomes the hero known as Wonder Red.
  • Tags: Action, Drama, Comedy.

Worm Grand Order by Simple Scribe

  • Recommended by ultimomant and GarthSerca
  • Crossover with Fate/Grand Order
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: When Taylor Hebert was thrown into the locker, she was somehow transported to Chaldea at the beginning of events and becomes its only Master, bonding with her Servants and fighting through the Singularities. After doing this for three years, she finds a way back to Earth Bet, only to find that only a few hours have passed. With her best friend Mash Kyrielight and her many Servants, she decides to defend Earth Bet.

The Worm Protocol by Godzillaslayer101

  • Recommended by salman33
  • Status: Dormant
  • Crossovers with: Digimon
  • Synopsis: Their lord beaten and broken. The Knights are in disarray, but a knight is still a knight, even if they were in a world that didn't make sense.
  • comment: An awesome Royal Knight centric fic after Scion beat Yggrassil into a coma, a must-read for royal knight fans.

You Needed Opponents With Gravitas by Noobsauce

  • Recommended by: DataSnake
  • Crossover with: The Culture
  • Status: Rebooted here.
  • Synopsis: Before she has a chance to trigger after being stuffed into the locker, Taylor is displaced to the significantly less traumatizing Culture GCV Sufficiently Advanced Technology. They offer her extremely strong powers and a job leading the Special Circumstances interventions on Earth-Bet.

Power Isn't Everything by QuantumArc

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Crossover with: Supergirl
  • Status: Hiatus
  • Synopsis: A SI gets stranded in Brockton Bay. Good luck they have been turned into a Kryptonian.
  • Tags: Action, Drama, Self-Insert

A Heart Of Silver by 123NY (AO3 Link)

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Crossover with: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: As the multiverse steels itself for the apocalyptic breaking of the ice, the Simurgh makes a visit to Earth Shin, leaving a plethora of Tinkertech in a small area near Shin's portal with Gimel before disappearing. Shin is determined to investigate the Tinkertech themselves, but the Wardens send a group of their own elites, who believe the Tinkertech is tied to something more important than it seems. As a conflict between Shin and Gimel risks erupting, a portal opens revealing the new world of Etheria, where the forces of the Rebellion battle the alien conqueror Horde Prime, and a source of immense power risks falling into the Simurgh's clutches. This work starts between Arcs 16 and 17 of Ward and midway through Season 5 of She-ra.
  • Tags: Sci-Fi, Fantasy.

Administrative Mishap by OxfordOctopus

  • Recommended by: Ariachus, Saslen
  • Crossover with: Supergirl (2015)
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: After defeating Scion, Queen Administrator gets stranded in another universe. Still bonded to Taylor, and cut off from The Warrior's network, QA needs to learn to be a person in a very different reality.
  • Tags: Action, Adventure, Drama.

Back Through the Gate by metaldragon868

  • Recommended by: Ariachus and GarthSerca
  • Crossover with: Fire Emblem
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: She'd left years ago, ripped away from her world during the most terrifying moments of her life in a twist of fate. Pulled into a new world filled with fantastical things she'd only dreamed of, she'd been dragged into a quest with the Order of Heroes as their destined Summoner. Yet all the while, she'd never forgotten who she'd left behind. Years later, her quest complete, she finally manages to find her way Back Through the Gate.
  • Tags: Action, Fantasy.

Visitors From Afar bycg99

  • Recommended by sabo88
  • Crossover with: Trollhunters
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Jim, Claire, Blinky and Merlin fall into a new world. A world with Superheroes! Well, that doesn't seem so bad. Oh wait. It's Worm.
  • Pairings: Jim Lake Jr./Claire Nuñez
  • Comments: From the same author who brought us Miraculous Escalation comes a new well-written, action-packed story that just like the author's previous work makes an excellent job at balancing the darker, more mature storylines of Worm with the lighter elements of Troll Hunters. A great work that will please fans of both series.
  • Tags: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Power Grid by Scrimshaw

  • Recommended by Qrow
  • Crossover with: Power Rangers
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: In a world where giant monster attacks are as common as car accidents and teenagers with attitude defend the world against threats and enemies from Earth and beyond, Taylor Hebert sees herself being dragged into a mess she should probably have foreseen. Either way, it's Morphing Time!
  • Comments: A Fusion Fic of Worm and Power Rangers, replacing the PRT with Rangers, with a number of capes like Armsmaster and Miss Militia being Rangers instead of parahumans, and villains like Lung and All-Father reimagined as Power Rangers villains. Simultaneously darker than Rangers without being a Dark Fic (Rangers can and do die in battle, and the story kicks off with Mesogog wiping out Montreal), but still a lot more optimistic than canon!Worm.

The Little Foreigner by Aeonalpha 6 (Tropes page: The Little Foreigner)

  • Crossover with Fate/Grand Order
  • Recommended by nitewind
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Or, a little girl finds herself in an unfamiliar city, makes new friends, and battles villains — while her “passenger” decides to shake up the local corner of the multiverse.

Oh Good Hunter by IKnowNothing (Tropes page: Oh Good Hunter (Fanfic))

  • Crossover with Bloodborne
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis:
    • Oh Good Hunter, may you find the truth of what went wrong.
    • Oh Good Hunter, may you find something worth fighting for.
    • Oh Good Hunter, may you find your way back home.
    • A merger of Worm and Bloodborne.

Knight-Light by Ridtom

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Crossover with: The DCU
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: One year has passed since the Titanomancy was thwarted by humanity and the worlds have slowly begun to adapt to the changes needed to progress. New worlds have been explored, not only from Gimel, Shin, or Cheit, but from one with a history of fantastic heroes and villains of it's own. Now, Gotham's Dark Knight must deal with a new threat seeking to find refuge in his city, and removing it at the root means exploring a world and culture far different from his own. Seeking information, he finds an unintended ally in a retired hero from this strange universe, who may play a part in a scheme far greater than either truly understands.
  • Tags: Action, Drama

Duodecimarch Revolution by Spartakrod''

  • Recommended by: Varaxar
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: Metroid, City of Heroes, Transformers, Warhammer 40,000, Godzilla, and six other unrevealed settings and four originals.
  • Other: Quest Format; the readers decide on the characters' actions.
  • Synopsis: A spin-off of Spartakrod fanfic Saga, this Quest features Samus Aran and Arne Skjoldr (destined to become Sylux in the main canon of Saga) being dropped off onto Earth-Bet of Worm after taking out a wormhole station being fought over by the Space Pirates and the R.A.I.D. They find that they're hardly the only extradimensional visitors there though, as the Transformers have been fighting their war in secret there for a long time, and the dimensions of the multiverse of City of Heroes are already heavily involved in behind the scenes meddling, while links to the world of Godzilla and the grim darkness of the far future also exist. Whatever is bringing these and possibly other realities together can only have something to do with the Coming Storm, something that may threaten the survival of humanity and other species in this expansive multicross. Can the two save the conjoined earths from the designs of many conquerors? Why are these dimensions being brought together? And can two young, traumatised teenagers find themselves in this clash of realities?

Knight of the Night by EternalStruggle

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Crossover with: Kirby
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: With her mysterious ability to access the magical Other World, home of the planet Popstar and mighty pink ball known as Kirby, Sophia Hess has gathered allies and equipment to wage a personal war for the soul of Brockton Bay as the armoured heroine Exoa Knight. She struggles daily not only to fight the city's many supervillains but also to be an ever better person.
  • Tags: Action, Drama

Unbound Para-Servant by Yuki no Yue

  • Recommended by: sonicyoash
  • Crossover with: Fate/Grand Order
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: One day, ordinary highschooler Richard Cooper is visited by a passing R.O.B., and is granted the skills and weapons/powers of ancient heroes. Now, play as an upcoming Hero as he goes out into Brockton Bay ready to make a name for himself!
  • Tags: Quest, Yaoi, W.A.F.F.

Death Is An Inconvenience by Lord Mendasuit

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Crossover with: Dragon Ball
  • Status: One-shot.
  • Synopsis: Taylor is a Saiyan, and stupidity is the name of the game.
  • Tags: Action, Comedy.

Just One More Thing, Mr. Anders... by Rukaio Alter

  • Recommended by: aara941, BobtheBoldore
  • Crossover with: Columbo
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Max Anders believes he's gotten away with the perfect murder.
    Lt Columbo disagrees.

Sect by Ryuugi

  • Recommended by: Zer Author
  • Crossover With: Xianxia
  • Status: In-Progress
  • Synopsis: After Gold Morning, after her death, Taylor is given the chance to connect with a scared little girl who needs her help. And, while the girl's enemies are powerful, and the world around her is dangerous, Taylor is not without her resources- like this strange new energy that these 'cultivators' all seem to be using...

Seek by Vherstinae

  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Crossover with: Bloodborne
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Taylor Hebert has been torn into the nightmare that is Yharnam, losing more of herself every night. In the real world, two unlikely people take note of her change and begin pondering what to do about it.

A Brocktonite Yankee in Queen Marika's Court by ReavingBishop

  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Crossover with: Elden Ring
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Taylor really has no idea where she is. She definitely doesn't know what that enormous golden tree is, what everyone's saying, or why skeletons keep trying to attack her.
    At least she has a jar.
    (An unpowered Taylor gets thrown into the Lands Between, and attempts to survive through... unorthodox means.)

A Different Dragon by Tokoz

  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Crossover with: Like a Dragon
  • Status: Dead; Last updated July 14th 2021
  • Synopsis: Kenta, the man who would have been Lung, made one unfortunate error. He drew the attention of Kazama Kiryu. Now, Brockton Bay has to deal with a slightly... different sort of Dragon
  • Comments: Everything that once was just wacky Yakuza stuff is now explained as Parahuman powers, and Kiryu takes over ABB and restructures it into the more professional and business-like Hyakki Yagyō.

Shard of the Cards by 18sprar1

  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Crossover with: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
  • Status: Dead; Last updated October 20th, 2020
  • Synopsis: Post GM Taylor wakes up 5 years younger with her powers and mind intact. She has a prepaid tuition to central academe she just must pass the entrance exam. Will she enjoy a new life or go back to her old ways?
  • Comments: Complete with custom cards based on parahumans Taylor has encounter over the years.

Horror Master by Madhat886

  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Crossover with: Various Media
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Taylor Hebert gains the power to summon anything from anything that is horror-related in fiction. And with the help of the evil versions of MLP, she will learn she can make real friends even with monsters.

A Monument by The_Lord_of_Admirals

  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Crossover with: Halo
  • Status: One-Shot
  • Synopsis: We know the story, Taylor comes out of the locker changed; something else. And proceeds to escalate the hell out of Brockton.
But what if she didn't? What if Taylor never left the locker, never truly left Winslow? And now Dragon finds herself waking in her clutches, will she be able to pull through, or will she join the endless chorus?
  • Comments: Taylor is dead, and The Flood triggered into existence from her body...

Bird-Worm by DontDoHKids

  • Ao3 link
  • Recommended by: Sabo 99
  • Crossover with: The Owl House
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: With the threat of humanity's extinction, Taylor Hebert makes a desperate play at victory against the indomitable force of a golden god. She succeeds while Scion dies, and is disposed of without further ado. Left for dead, usefulness concluded, Taylor's broken body drifts in a nameless void... until it lands upon a sunny beach, to be saved by a witch and her gaggle of weirdos.
  • Has a tropes page here.
  • Comments: A very well written (if at times heavy on the adjectives) story with some wonderful, in-character interactions between Taylor and the Owl House cast. It also gives Taylor some much-welcomed character development, a bit of a rarity among post-canon Worm fics.

Tinker, Taylor, Builder, Nexus by CMDR Zhor

  • Recommended by Error: String Expected, Got Nil
  • Crossover with: Eclipse Phase
  • Status: Ongoing (last update November 2023)
  • Synopsis: Alt!Power Taylor Hebert wakes up in an abandoned basement and proceeds upon a journey of transhuman self-discovery and escalation. Or, "Fuck you, I'm dragging Brockton Bay to a post-scarcity society whether it likes it or not."

    Time Travel/Peggy Sue Fics 
A fan fiction which a character(s) Travels through time.

A Tale of Transmigration by CrashLegacy. Also on Spacebattles

  • Recommended by jderig, ShotgunWilly, Robinton
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: After the events of Golden Morning, Taylor wakes up as a younger version of herself just after the locker incident. She quickly discovers that she is no longer in her original reality, and that her new home has some changes when compared to her old...

Harbinger by Archicane

  • Recommended by Leid, Flairina
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: The war on Earth Bet is lost. In a desperate gamble, Taylor finds Phir Se. He sends Taylor back in time with a mission to kill Scion and the Endbringers. With her knowledge of the Apocalypse, can Taylor save the world from destruction, or is history doomed to repeat itself?
  • Comments: A Peggy Sue fic where Taylor has come back to the past by seeking out Phir Se, who had gone into hiding, and sets into motion a plan to save the world. Because she had readied herself for dealing with Jack Slash and S9000, she has a different outlook on life and tries to manipulate things with often unforeseen consequences.
    • Flairina: It starts out rather abruptly, which had me doubting, but this is probably the best thought out Peggy Sue Worm fic out there at present. Don't let the strangely rushed beginning put you off.
  • Can also be found on Spacebattles.

Hey Missy by Grist

  • Recommended by: Tron80
  • Status: On hiatus
  • Synopsis: Several years after the Golden Morning, on her 18th birthday Vista unintentionally travels back in time to Brockton Bay before Leviathan struck the city.
  • Tags: Peggy Sue, Action, Drama.

Recoil by Ack

  • Recommended by: Gentlemens Dame 883, tpyrene
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: The fight against Behemoth goes much worse than in canon. Found by Phir Se, Taylor is given a second chance when he sends her into the past to try and do better. But this new hope comes with complications, firstly that he overshot her own time, and secondly that her powers didn't follow.

Worm Respun by Aetheron

  • Recommended by: Psyckosama, Flairina, Pastykake
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Taylor circa the Noelle fight finds herself launched backwards through time, arriving in the midst of her ill-fated first meeting with Emma and Sophia. Her arrival obliterates the Stations of the Canon.

Warp by maroon_sweater

  • Recommended by: Ariachus, Red-Dead-Redeemer
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Victoria Dallon goes to sleep in October of 2015 and wakes up in April of 2011. Her boyfriend's alive, her forcefield is the same shape as she is, and her sister's acting weird because of what a certain thinker said on Thursday... POD is after Ward 9.x and before 10.1.
  • Pairing: Victoria Dallon/Dean Stansfield.

Still Defiant by TheHatterOfMad

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Armsmaster is sent back in time.
  • Pairing(s): Armmaster/Dragon
  • Tags: Peggy Sue, Action, Drama

A Fragile Hope by PenchantPal

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Status: Ongoing.
  • Synopsis: "The plan failed. Now is it a matter of resigning to the flow of time as it washes them aside. However, the Fragile One believes it can still fix it. The future may be doomed, but that doesn't mean the past is. That doesn't mean Victoria is." A "Peggy Sue" style fic following the Fragile One as it returns to Slaughterhouse Nine-era Brockton Bay from a possible end of Ward, and tries to save its host from the path to their doom.
  • Tags: Peggy Sue, Drama.

Runts by Hopeful Penguin

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Rachel Lindt, sometime after Gold Morning, is Peggy Sued back to Brockton Bay circa 2000 and becomes a babysitter to a much younger Emma, Taylor, and Rachel.
  • Tags: Peggy Sue, Family, Humor

Wish by Viri (link)

  • Recommended by: General Ironfist
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Taylor is sent back in time to the start of Worm, though she soon discovers she may not be alone.
  • Notes: Trope page is in progress.

The Artist Formerly Known As Bonesaw by Octobre

  • Recommended by: Pastykake
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Two years after Gold Morning, a reformed Riley wakes up as Bonesaw among the Slaughterhouse Nine again.

     Parody Fics 

Mary Sue Saves the Wormverse by Husr

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Status: Hiatus.
  • Synopsis:Earth-Bet is an awful place. But surely Mary Sue's gorgeous beauty, her brother Gary's cunning badassery and their fanon-based knowledge will be enough to save it -and get an harem-, even though they have never actually read Worm. Their sister Peggy thinks her siblings are two self-deluded morons whose stupidity has gotten them killed every time loop, but she clearly doesn't know what she's talking about. Right?
  • Tags: Parody, Self-Insert, Peggy Sue

Taylor Hebert Is You by Loctamail

  • Recommended by: Ariachus
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Roleplay Quest. You're Taylor Hebert. You've just woken up in a hospital bed. Your father sits in a chair beside you, eyes closed. How generic.
  • Tags: Crack Fic.