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Headscratchers / Warriors of Virtue

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  • Why, exactly, did Elysia turn on the Warriors? Getting angry at Yun for killing her brother is one thing, but Komodo is going to kill everything. Does that REALLY justify her turning her back on her people?
    • At least in the novelization, Komodo had Elysia addicted to a substance called Zubrium. She wasn't in her right mind she betrayed him and started acting crazy.
  • In all the (apparent) years they've been fighting Komodo's forces, it never occurs to the Warriors to combine the power of their medallions? If just to see what happens?
  • Ryan's jeans are pretty baggy. Why does he wear them under his leg brace - they'd easily fit over...
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  • Moral Dissonance? Why does Ryan fall under that? Brad the bully jock, wants him to cross an unstable bridge over a dangerous river of water with a whirlpool of death in it, just to commit an act of vandalism, just so he can be accepted by his obvious enemy? Going through with it technically gets him drowned, if not for the magic book saving him, then he gets a 2nd chance, and he decides not to die. When Brad gets stranded, what is Ryan supposed to do? Dive into the river of death, swim over, and drag him back with his crippled leg, and his own strength of Virtue? No, him going to get the Police, you know ACTUAL authority figures who specialize, in rescues like this, IS the right, and virtuous, thing to do.

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