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Headscratchers / Vampire Academy

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  • In Frostbite, the fact that Christian, one of the few Moroi who actually practices using offensive magic on a regular basis, doesn't even think to use it against the guys who are kidnapping them.
    • Rose explains. It was drilled into them so much not to use magic that they didn't think to. Not to mention, they'd been captured by Strigoi, one of which terrified Rose.
  • Okay, so dhampires are basically just like very fast, strong, attractive humans. They don't have any of the moroi weaknesses like dependence on blood or aversion to sunlight, and they don't have anything that would make them stick out, like superpowers or fangs. It seems to be that their only two options are being bodyguards or prostitutes for the moroi. Really? Has it never occured to any of them to Take a Third Option and try to live among humans? It might not be the easiest thing to just walk away from the vampires' world, and they're supposedly dependent on the moroi for reproduction, but it's hard to believe that nobody has tried it.
    • During the first book, two guardians did ditch the people they were guarding, and there have probably been others that just weren't mentioned during the books. Also, they just see staying to guard the Moroi as the right thing to do, as Rose says multiple times during Shadow Kiss.
    • Some likely do. It's unlikely that the Moroi government would let students know about it, since they might get ideas.
    • Dhampires are also drilled from birth that the Moroi are more important. Abandoning them or wanting your own life is considered shameful. Look what happens to the girls who leave. They're labeled 'blood whores' and are made out to be the dregs of society.
  • OK, Spirit is starting to get out of hand. In the first book, it was limited to healing and mind control. In the second book, they introduced auras and Adrian's dream walking. But by the last book, spirit can apparently read minds, be used for telekinesis, as well as random other things which are never explained. Really, it's almost like it's getting to A Wizard Did it
    • Considering the price that spirit users pay: paranoia, feeling that you need to relieve the stress through physical pain, going completely insane...It better damn well be worth it.
      • Well, getting a Shadow Kissed partner seems to be alleviate most of those though...
      • Yeah, but look at Victor's brother, losing his Shadow Kissed partner didn't do him any favours.
  • What exactly was the Last Sacrifice? Rose didn't seem to sacrifice anything in the end. Everyone else, however...
    • I always thought it was her life, when she took Tasha's bullet to save Lissa's life.
      • Since Rose will always be Lissa's guardian, She will constantly have her life on the line for Lissa's and possibly will sacrifice it completely in the future. So it couldn't be the last time she would sacrifice her life for Lissa's.
      • yeah, but this caused her to loose the bond.
      • But Rose had no idea that she would lose the bond.
    • But couldn't the title refer to Lissa? During the last trial to become queen, she basically says that a queen should have the ability to be willing to sacrifice everything. The title could even refer both to Lissa's sacrifice and Rose's sacrifices above.