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Rose has intermittent explosive disorder
Rose and Lissa's bond will eventually come back.
  • Whether it be just being burned out again, (but worse this time) or from Lissa healing one of Rose's physical injuries, and healing the bond at the same time, it will happen.
Someone will find a way for Damphirs to have children together
  • I'm thinking that a spirit user will create some kind of temporary cure/ potion that they can take.
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  • I doubt it would be possible. It's not so much a disease as the way breeding works. It's kind of like how you get a mule by breeding a donkey and a horse, but can't get a mule by two mules breeding together. The way I see it is that Dhampires can actually breed with humans to continue their lines, but the Moroi have either lied or discouraged that to keep their bodyguards loyal.
  • Theory confirmed. In the Bloodlines series, Olive Sinclair, a dhampir who was brought back from a Strigoi state through Spirit, conceives a child with her dhampir husband, which should have been impossible.
Someone will charm wards with Spirit.
  • if the can do it to everything else, then why not the wards? I'm not sure what they would do, though. It wouldn't restore the Strigoi, but. that just seems too easy. Richelle would NEVER EVER do it.
Victor caused the infamous car accident.
He knew about the bond before anyone else. Maybe not just because of the crow thing either. If he didn't already know, why would he have had Natalie follow them?
The Shadow-kissed are (somewhat) immortal.
In the Shadow Kiss graphic novel Victor says to Rose "All things die, Rose! Except maybe you!" Now, this might of just been Victor being Victor, if it wasnt for the fact that every single Shadow Kissed character mentioned is either alive (Rose, Jill, Mark and Averys brother ant guardian) or dead (Anna, Alden(Roberts bond mate)) but have died in some unnatural way, like suicide or in a strigoi fight.So my theory is that the Shadow Kissed can live forever, as long as they manage to stay well away from danger, and are unable to die in natural ways, like heart attack, stroke or old age.

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