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Heartwarming / Vampire Academy

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Vampire Academy


  • Lissa's concern for Mia after hearing about the death of Mia's mother. Even though Mia had tried to make her life miserable at St. Vlad's Lissa still feels compassion and empathy for Mia.
  • Rose's mother comforting her after Mason's death.

Shadow Kiss

Blood Promise

  • This line near the end, when Lissa and Rose reunite:
    "The door opened, and it was like an apparition materializing before me, some sort of heavenly messenger descended from above. I'd never been away from her for this long, and after all this time, part of me wondered if I was imagining this.
    He hand went to her mouth, and she stared at me wide-eyed. I think she felt the same way - and she hadn't even had warning of my visit. She'd just been told I was coming "soon." No doubt I seemed like a phantom to her, too."
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  • Rose's thoughts when she reunites with her mother:
    "I loved Olena Belikova. I thought she was kind and wonderful and would cherish the memories of her comforting me about Dimitri and always going out of her way to feed me. In another life, she could have been my mother-in-law. In this one, I would always regard her as a kind of foster mother.
    But she wasn’t my real mother. Janine Hathaway was. And standing there with her, I was happy-so, so happy-that I was her daughter. She wasn’t perfect, but no one was, as I was learning. She was, however, good and brave and fierce and compassionate and I think she understood me more than I realized sometimes. If I could be half the woman she was, my life would be well spent."

Spirit Bound

Last Sacrifice

  • Sonya and Mikhail finally being reunited.

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