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Headscratchers / Trailer Park Boys

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  • In Season 10, Barb, Donna, and this fat chick named Candy repeatedly insult Lahey, take over his trailer and kick him out and they assault Randy. Why oh why doesn't Lahey just call the police on them?! He could easily have them charged with harassment, trespassing, and assault and send them back to prison, get a restraining order and be rid of them forever. He even gets a gun later in the season but he never thinks to threaten or just shoot them. WHY?! If three bitches took over my home, kicked me out, insulted me non-stop and assaulted a person I hold dear, they'd be damn lucky if they didn't have a bullet in their heads within the hour of me obtaining a firearm.
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  • What happened to Philadelphia Collins? He just vanished inbetween seasons and was never mentioned again nor was there an explanation for his disappearance. I know that Don't Legalize It shows that the Dirty Burger burned to the ground, but we never see Phil again after that.
  • For that matter, what happened to Bubbles' bus home after Don't Legalize It? It's nowhere to be seen in the next season and, like Phil Collins, is never mentioned again and Bubbles is back to living in a shed.
  • How did Ted and George become police officers again after they were sent to jail for police brutality? If you serve time for police brutality, a crime that goes on your permanent record, it's safe to assume that any police force will have nothing to do with you.
  • Speaking of that episode, they set up George and Ted by making it look like they were beating Ray. But... they already had footage of George and Ted beating and attempting to kill Phil, Lahey, and Randy thanks to the camera crew. Why didn't they just hand over the footage of the assaults the crew taped instead?

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