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Headscratchers / The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!

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  • Why did Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate need to dress in drag? There are certainly other female pirates, notably Cutlass Liz. Is this a holdover from the books? Or perhaps something to do with hiding her crush on the Pirate Captain?
    • She seems to be much more girly than the other female pirates. My guess is that she didn't think she'd be taken seriously in the pirate world if she was a woman.
    • She could also be afraid of constantly being hit on, as she is on a boat full of men who probably don't see women very often. Really, there are a number of reasons she could've chosen to dress as a man.
    • Rule of Funny, especially since nobody ever sees through the Paper-Thin Disguise.
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    • Bit of an opposite of a holdover from the books, though, as in the books, Jennifer is quite open with her gender and previous job as a Proper Victorian Lady.
    • Actually, Jennifer and the Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate are different characters.
    • She's supposed to be a parody of real-world accounts of women who would disguise themselves as men to get aboard ships.
    • The real-life pirate Black Bart Roberts had a "no women or children" law on his ships. Perhaps the Pirate Captain has this same one as well.

  • What happened to the other world leaders when Victoria's flagship sank?
    • You can see several lifeboats around the spot where the ship has just sunk in a escene during the credits.

  • How exactly was the cook on Victoria's ship supposed to know how to prepare dodo, or any other of the nearly-extinct animals she'd intended to serve at the banquet? For all the diners would've known, the chef could've ruined all their dishes out of ignorance.
    • I can't imagine it would be too much different from cooking common animals.
    • There are reports, albeit unconfirmed, that sailors ate dodos. If they did, it's not unsafe to assume the recipe survived down the ages.

  • I can't help but wonder just how exactly did Charles discover the existence of Queen's secret society. He could have snatched the menu from somewhere (which in itself raises a question how and where), but how did he discover the rest? You know, the ship, the world leaders, and where is the ship heading?
    • After Victoria throws him out of the Tower of London, he finds a pamphlet for it in the garbage.

  • Why isn't Charles freaking out about all his sciencey stuff being recklessly destroyed by the pirates, including his entire home? You'd think he would be much less easy-going about that.
    • True. On the other hand, by that point in the film he's already completely dodo-obsessed, so perhaps the scope of the destruction doesn't sink in immediately.
    • Plus, in his mind all he knows is: Dodo means he gets Victoria, and he doesn't need his old home anymore if he gets the queen as his girl. Otherwise, she can easily pay for repairs.

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