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Headscratchers / The Leftovers

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  • When Nora's badge is missing at the conference she is not really trying hard to get it back. There is a PA system you hear in the episode - why don't the event organizers make an announcement about a missing badge? Even if the person with the wrong badge doesn't hand it over, everyone else at the conference would be on the lookout. Why not inform hotel security someone has her badge? If the hotel is that security conscious, they must have a security video of the mirror-breaking incident - does the person who broke the mirror look like Nora?
    • The convention organizers are pretty unorganized and unprofessional. The lady Nora talks to seems to have no system in place to deal with the issue nor the inclination to worry about it. As far as hotel security, they're not going to start enforcing the convention's sign-up process. They're only concerned with people trashing the hotel, not sneaking into panels they didn't properly register for.
  • The Guilty Remnant recruit people by stalking them until they break down and join. Before breaking down, their targets scream at them and attack them in attempts to drive them away, to no avail. Can't their targets gets restraining orders against them at the very least? Even Chief Garvey seems powerless to prevent them from persecuting Nora.
    • It would have to be a blanket order against any member of the cult, because you know they'd just rotate members and abuse every loophole they could find to keep up their activities. That's the problem with these people, they're too determined to be a nuisance to stop them short of arresting and/or killing them all. Plus they seem to be very well funded.
      • It definitely would be against the cult as a whole. I'm no lawyer but I would have to assume that American law accounts for harassment by organizations.
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    • The in-show explanation seems to be that the members always stay a certain distance away from their targets, either just off their property or across the street, but far enough to where they aren't doing anything technically illegal. Whether or not this would hold water in regards to real life law, I'm not sure, but as far as I can tell that's the explanation the show's going with.
  • How did Kevin and Nora not know about each other beforehand? Kevin obviously is very close to Matt's family, knew him well enough to give the toast at his father's party, knew his wife. He must have known Matt has a sister. Yeah, it's possible he never knew the sister's name, but you would think Kevin would have known his friend Matt's sister was the Nora who lost her whole family.
    • Kevin might have known that Matt had a sister, but didn't know anything about her. She might not have really come up much in conversation. I've attended parties for friends who don't know much about my sibling, even though I have a pretty tight family.
  • Why didn't Matt and Kevin not clean up the cabin after Patti's death? It seems that all they did was dispose of the body, then clean themselves up and leave.
    • The cabin doesn't exactly seem to be well-traveled. In all likelihood it's abandoned and they may have felt a top-down scrub wouldn't be worth the effort. Anyone who shows up there is just going to find a dried puddle of blood if they show up soon.
  • Why did so many people of Mapleton leave their homes open to invasion after the first time the GR broke in? The Garveys got a security system. Did the rest of the town trust that the hated local cult wouldn't try another stunt?
    • Maybe not all of them can afford it. And even for the ones that can, the GR would be likely to scope out vulnerabilities and plan accordingly.

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