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Trivia / The Leftovers

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  • Absentee Actor:
    • Season two's "Off Ramp" is the first one in which Christopher Eccleston and Carrie Coon don't take part, while Justin Theroux only appears in footage from the season one finale (they're the only ones to have been in every episode up to that point).
    • "Ten Thirteen" is the first one where Theroux doesn't appear at all.
    • In "International Assassin," Theroux, Ann Dowd and Jovan Adepo are the only regulars to appear.
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    • The extent of this trope on the series is summed up by Liv Tyler, who's listed as a regular - she appears in seven season one episodes, but only three episodes of season two (and one of them is a cameo).
  • Actor-Shared Background: The real Mark Linn-Baker really does have two degrees from Yale.
  • The Cast Showoff: Subverted by Kevin's karaoke scene. Justin Theroux is, by his own admission, not much of a singer.
  • Fake American: Englishman Christopher Eccleston plays American Matt Jamison.
  • Playing Against Type: In season two Liv Tyler is on point as a character who's much more assertive - and much, much more horrible - than her usual roles.
  • Star-Making Role: The show is Carrie Coon's first regular role on a show. She's gone on to do movies and appear in other major television roles.

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