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Headscratchers / The Crown & the Flame

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  • When Kenna convinces Annelyse to supply her entire army with the Golden Mountain Fangs, wouldnít she also be equipped with it (if she havenít picked it in the fight)? As the leader of the army, she should get one of their weapons, and Annelyse is certainly nice enough to spare one for her.
  • Trystan would betray Dom by snitching on him to Bartel about his plans to sabotage the cannon, aiming to protect his sister Rose and himself from being killed by Domís plans . Since Trystan knows Rose is probably going to accompany Dom, wouldnít he be worried about her being caught along with him?
    • Trystan might have negotiated a deal with Bartel/Helene to spare Rose if they catch her along with Dom.
      • I think itís more likely that he told them Rose was going to distract Dom for them.
  • In the last book, why would Luther attempt to assassinate Kenna at the end? He has nothing to gain for her death and everything to lose.
    • Diavolos did imply that Luther WANTED Kenna to kill him.
      • Why would he be suicidal? Guilt? Depression after his brother's death?
      • Probably as a test to see if Kenna and Diavolos were worthy of leading now that the Iron Empire was no longer a threat.
  • During the third-to-last chapter of Book 2, how did Rowan have the time to tell Kenna about her meeting with Zenobia while drowning or fighting her?