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Headscratchers / Sweet Blue Flowers

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  • Why does Fumi brush off Yasuko so harshly? Sure, she has every reason to be pissed off after what Yasuko did, but it's not like Fumi is totally without fault for what happened, what with her bouts of jealousy and standing Yasuko up. Moreover, during the scene in that cave Fumi tells Yasuko to move on with her life when the person she loves doesn't love her back, but isn't that just what Yasuko is doing? Yasuko comes back, head hanging, swallowing her pride to see Fumi again. Sure, Yasuko has the worst timing ever and Fumi should have given her hell and let her stew in her own juices for a while, but it's all a tad ... contrived. Especially when you realize that Fumi still has feelings for Yasuko after all.
    • Firstly, Fumi’s bouts of jealousy and standing Yasuko up don’t seem to have weight compared to what Yasuko has done. Right from the start, she imposed herself on Fumi, frequently demanding that Fumi do this and do that, she reassures Fumi that she’s the one she’s in love with - considering what she said to Fumi when breaking up with her, Yasuko’s declaration seems dubious. This all comes to a head, of course, when Yasuko herself realises that she was still in love with Kagami. Revealing that, all along, Fumi had unwittingly acted as a prop for Yasuko’s fervent denial of her own lingering feelings. Leading to their last meeting in the cave, as Fumi tells her off, doesn’t Yasuko’s replies seem insincere? She’s just parroting Fumi’s words. Clearly, after all is said and done, Fumi found no obligation to be soft; indeed, she is no longer the pushover she once was. Furthermore, in a later chapter, Yasuko admits that she had indeed done something very terrible to Fumi. Secondly, Fumi’s feelings for Yasuko, while still there at that time of Yasuko’s departure to England, were but the remaining embers of a dying fire which Fumi steadfastly and diligently smothered. If Fumi were to then reconcile with Yasuko, after actually getting over her, now, that would be...contrived.
  • So Akira is very okay with the fact that her best friend Fumi is lesbian and even roots for her when she dates Yasuko. Akira maintains her unconditional friendship with Fumi, even when she at one point suspects Fumi has fallen in love with her. So why is Akira so surprised to the point of abhorrence when that turns out to be the case?
  • I just began this manga, and is it me or are a few characters Expy's of Wandering Son characters in terms of appearance? Then again, the mangaka has said she doesn't have a lot of designs.
    • If you read a lot of Shimura's manga, you'll know she fits the Only Six Faces to a T. I've read four of her post-Wandering Son manga and it's easier to name characters that don't resemble others.
  • The Brother–Sister Incest entry on the main page. Has had a crush on her? I saw it as sibling affection; protective older brother stuff.
    • It's hard to say, but he is very concerned about losing her to another guy. It's a bit ironic how he "loses" Akira to a girl later on, but perhaps he is too preoccupied with his own girlfriend to notice.
  • So Yasuko's co-star from the play also just happens to want to study in England as well and winds up as her roommate, and they even start something together. Isn't that a bit ... contrived? It's even worse when you realize that those two are never even shown having a conversation before, let alone that they might have feelings for each other.


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