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Headscratchers / Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

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  • What's with that dark smudge-like pattern across Ahsoka's face in this? Did she always have it?
    • It's just the artstyle's shading for the nose/cheeks. Rey and Sabine have it too.
  • Why is Ahsoka's shoto green and not yellow? And why is it not short?
  • Where is the rest of the Ghost crew when Hera is on Endor?
    • Dead, probably. And if they aren't, Hera and Chopper are just standing around, fixing their ship, so her squadmates could easily be doing something else on the planet.
    • Rebels Season 4 finale answers this: Kanan was killed, Ezra is lost with Thrawn and the Chimaera after being pulled into hyperspace by purrgils, and Sabine stayed on Lothal to watch over it. Rex participated in the Battle of Endor, and Kallus continued to fight for the rebellion. Zeb's participation in the rebellion post-Lothal is unknown, but he survived past Endor and brought Kallus to Lira San to show him that he hadn't extinguished the Lasat race.

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