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Heartwarming / Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

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  • The first episode, "Sands Of Jakku", really shows the lengths Rey will go to in order to save BB-8 from the giant creature. We see even more of her compassionate side when she gives the creature something to eat, and she plays around with BB-8 a bit.
  • The second episode sees the creature return the favor by helping out Rey when BB-8 is in danger again.
  • Wicket and his friends thanking Leia for helping them against the Stormtroopers by giving her a dress they made which is the one she wears in the Ewok village scenes in Return of the Jedi.
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  • Ahsoka's dedication to helping others in episode 4, at the expense of missing her ceremony, shows how much she values other people's lives more than her own. This doesn't go unnoticed.
  • Jyn's dedication to helping a young girl get her cat back from Stormtroopers in "The Stranger" is quite heartwarming, showing the compassion she has within those edges.
  • Jyn and Sabine crossing paths, with Jyn sourly withholding the intel from Sabine. Though when Sabine openly relates to Jyn's loner status, Jyn decides to give in. The pause taken when Jyn hands Sabine the schematics deliberately looks like a respectful handshake.
  • Seeing Hera joking around with Han and Leia in "An Imperial Feast" now that we know she saw Kanan die. After all she's been through, she still managed to heal and move on.
  • "Unexpected Company" shows that yes, Ashoka did know about Anakin and Padme's relationship. And she kept the secret.
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  • Rey and the Porgs' adorable interactions in the ending of "Porg Problems". When Rey uses the Force to stop and pull a Porg mid-air to reclaim the lightsaber it snatched from her, the Porg and all its friends clamor for her to make them fly too.
  • The end of “Porgs!” Chewie climbs a cliff to retrieve some blue moss from a tree for a nest of Porglets. After the parents replace the blue wiring they stole from the ship with the blue moss, they give the wiring back to Chewie and nuzzle him.
  • The episode where Chopper makes friends with some Ewoks, even making them (temporary) members of the crew.

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