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Headscratchers / Spider-Man Unlimited

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  • In this show, Peter tries to keep that he's on Counter-Earth a secret from John Jameson, saying that he may figure out he's Spider-Man... I kinda fail to see how this is a huge issue. John would probably be willing to keep it a secret so Peter could better aid the resistance. Also, Peter could have just easily done what he did on Earth in the first episode and said he tagged along to help tell the story of what happened to John and Spider-Man on Counter-Earth.
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  • Peter doesn't find it odd that there are villains that look like the ones back on his home planet?
  • Is this cartoon supposed to be in continuity with Spider-man the animated series?
    • Kinda-sorta. It's got broad strokes to connect it and how Eddie Brock got the symbiote is nearly identical to TAS, but there are several continuity problems that come up if you try to connect the two shows. To further confuse things, while they are listed as taking place in separate universes in the official databooks, Dan Slott and Nick Lowe consider Unlimited to be a sequel to TAS, and featured the former setting in Spider-Verse.

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