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YMMV / Spider-Man Unlimited

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For the animated series:

  • Audience-Alienating Premise: Generally, the series isn't held in high regards compared to other Spider-Man series as it viewed as putting Spider-Man in a situation that's un-Spider-Man-like, like putting him on another world.
  • Awesome Art: Say what you will about the show's writing, but nobody's complaining about the series' comic book-inspired visuals (which was planned to be used by a planned Captain America series for Fox the year before this show aired, but that got canned by Marvel going bankrupt — it's likely that producer Will Meuginot imported it).
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  • Awesome Music: The opening theme.
  • Broken Base: A lot of fans weren't fond of the series because of how radical a departure it was from previous and subsequent Spider-Man adaptations, but there are some fans who see the show as a decent cartoon in its own right and having some interesting concepts.
  • Complete Monster: In the tie-in comic book to the animated series, the Chameleon is a monstrous Beastial capable of changing his appearance to those he has murdered. To use this to his advantage, Chameleon systematically stalks and murders over a dozen innocent people, then uses their identities to commit crimes. After being stopped by Spider-Man during a bank robbery that nearly leaves several people dead, Chameleon boasts his plans to ruin Spider-Man's name and crush the hope of his people by framing Spider-Man for the killings. Even in a world of dictators and monstrous symbiotes, the Chameleon stood out as a vile Serial Killer who disgusted Spider-Man more than any other villain he encountered.
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  • Contested Sequel: Premiering a short time after the beloved Spider-Man: The Animated Series is at least half the reason Unlimited isn't looked at with open arms.
  • Creepy Awesome: Independently of the quality of the series overall, Green Goblin's new aesthetic design is bloody awesome.
  • Cult Classic: In spite of the show's contested nature, it has managed a cult following due to the unique ideas and being cancelled after 13 episodes.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Lady Vermin, the humanoid rat with a crush on Spider-Man, is probably the most notable character in the series.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Lady Vermin is rather attractive for a rat-human hybrid. Though Spidey doesn't think so.
  • Foe Yay: Lady Vermin had the hots for Spider-Man the second she saw him fight.


For the video game:


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