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  • One thing... I never got about this... what exactly was the point of the contract? How did Flappy Bob have the authority to sign over complete dominion of fairy world, something he didn't own or even know about? Do pixies just have the power to do whatever the hell they want as long as it's technically part of something somebody else tells them to do? Then why on earth did they need to do a 37 year plan? Why not just have Flappy Bob give them control of fairy world sooner as part of something else entirely? Or just pay some random schmuck to wish they had control of fairy world? Why on earth did they have to do it that exact way?
    • The plan hinged on having a kid wish for kids to rule the world, which according to the rules, means all fairies have to be returned to Fairy World, as the kids now being in power means they dont need help anymore. According to Da Rules, if the Pixies are the only magical creatures left on Earth, they are then granted wish-granting authority. They would then need a patsy that would wish for exactly the kind of world that the Pixies want, which in turn reflects on Fairy World. The contract Flappy Bob signed just stated that the world be changed according to his wishes, he wasnt aware his "uncles" were magical. Everything else was a side effect of that.
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  • If 'With kids there are no wars' why does Timmy need AJ to lead his armies all over the map, or have armies in the first place?
  • How could Timmy defeat Tad and Chad in the presidential election?
    • Probably something to do with the fact that Florida was still voting.
  • In the first song of Schools Out: The Musical the kids were destroying Dimmsdale, yet, according to the show, it is bad to lock them up for it? Why would the kids even destroy Dimmsdale anyway and how is destroying Dimmsdale a fun activity (unless the kids are psychopaths)?
    • Having rewatched the movie a few times it actually isn't for once trying to set a standard of just bad out of control behavior for the kids or for the parents: Each side does overreact (sometimes ridiculously comedically overreacting) but as pointed out in the second to last song that's due to the pixies pulling everyone's strings. It was the Pixies who funded the Learnatorium to turn it into this boring torture center for kids, the pixies who gave the kids the firepower to make the summer vacation actually dangerous for the adults (with the kids non the wiser) and gave Timmy the idea that adults were bad for restricting his freedom so he'd wish for kids to be in charge. Though not focused on at all the Kid ruled universe would of had the same problems as the Flappy Bob ruled one but both were just ploys of the Pixies to rule everything.
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    • Kids Are Cruel. And there's nothing more destructive than a bunch of children having fun, Truth in Television.

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