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Headscratchers / Scary Godmother

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  • In The Revenge of Jimmy, why is that whenever Katie freaks out about Halloween being ruined, that Halloween is in danger of disappearing from the Fright Side? She has no connection to the Fright Side, doesn't even know that it exists, or that Scary Godmother and co. are real supernatural creatures, so who is she to them?
    • Plus, one child is try to ruin halloween in ONE town, how is it having any effect on the Fright Side? it's not like Jimmy is smashing pumpkins, vandalising convenience stores, and T Ping Halloween party locations across the country, is he?
      • Heck, how did no one catch Jimmy for what he did to the convenience store? The pumpkins and the tp can be seen as harmless pranks, but vandalising the store the way he did? Actually illegal.
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    • It's possible that it isn't the entire Fright Side that collapses, but rather the section of the Fright Side that exists parallel with Hannah's town. The part of the Fright Side that Scary Godmother and her friends live in came into existence when Hannah's town began celebrating Halloween and its traditions, so when Hannah's town stops celebrating it, that part of the Fright Side disappears while a part of the Fright Side that exists thanks to places like, say, New York City remains untouched. While the monsters that exist there (Skully, the Vampires, etc.) are said to be older than America as a nation and as a place that celebrates Halloween (at least 500 years), it is possible that as humans expanded and immigrated as the world got bigger metaphorically, so did the monsters as their world got bigger literally.
      • Also, it is possible that the Fright Side was completely different before modern traditions where a thing. Back when Halloween was Samhain, all of the jack o lanterns in the Fright Side were turnips (as pumpkins are a distinctly American fruit and the story of Stingy Jack involved a turnip lantern), the sweets where all cakes and pies instead of candy, the costumes had less variety and where likely homemade, etc.
  • When Hannah screamed upon seeing Bugaboo for the first time, why did Bugaboo scream back? He doesn't seem to show any fear of humans otherwise, so it just doesn't make much sense to me.
    • While he's a professional and has experienced screaming children before, this is probably the first time he's encountered a screaming child in the Fright Side on his off-time and it was a scream more from surprise than any genuine fear.