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Headscratchers / ReBoot: The Guardian Code

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  • In episode 10, not only do the Next Generation Guardians meet Bob, Dot, and Enzo; they plan on staying in communication. Either the time distortion for the sprites needs to be slowed down quite a bit, or like with their interactions with Megabyte on the Net there is no time distortion between worlds.
    • The bigger question here in that episode is the guy who has all the original show merchandise and stuff in his house that notes Mainframe has come back online. Does this imply that ReBoot was an in-universe show that was based on an actual computer mainframe? VERA and the others find the actual computer Mainframe originated from behind the scanner in their base. So, Logic Bomb much?
      • Wild guess: ReBoot was a series of online games in-universe, with merchandising and stuff. The Mainframe is the server where they were hosted.
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    • The time difference between the real world and the computer world is gone. Otherwise, the episode where Tre has to duck out of his basketball game and rush back in time for the final shot wouldn't make any sense. At this point, I'd be surprised if the writers did any more research than skimming through "The Tiff".
  • Why doesn't Megabyte know what blood is?
    • How should Megabyte know what blood is? As a virus, he runs exclusively on electrical power. And even though Matrix gave AndrAla a "transfusion" after the latter was nearly drained completely by a Web Creature during Season 3 of ReBoot, that was more likely an energy transfusion.
      • He's probably overheard stories from Bob, either directly from him or by spying on him, about more realistic games.
  • What was Frisket on the Net copy of Mainframe? For that matter why is there both a Net Mainframe and the closed system in episode 10?
    • I think the system from where the Sourcerer retrieves Megabyte IS Mainframe. Parker mentions in episode 10 that the old mainframe is in "Power Saver Mode", so while you couldn't run a game on it until it is switched on again, retrieving files from it remotely might be possible even in the low-power mode.
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    • Cybersecurity tech here: it IS possible to activate a machine that's in "sleep mode" remotely, do what you need to do, and then put it back in sleep mode once you're done. You just have to be able to send a "wake up" command over a network connection. Now, if Mainframe didn't have an "up" network interface in sleep mode, he still wouldn't have been able to do it, but some machines and devices are set to maintain an open network connection even in power save mode. Given that Mainframe was apparently a game server, it's likely that this was done so that the machine could go into power save mode when nobody was playing a game, but could reactivate at a moment's notice if someone wanted to play a game.
  • Why would Austin's father teach G00GZ a cheat code that's beneficial to the NPCs? Unless that's all part of the training exercise from the Wild Mass Guess.
    • Maybe the cheat code is not only beneficial to the NPCs, but rather "Whoever inserts 9 spider eyes into the control room console wins".
  • How can they still be flesh and blood in cyberspace? Shouldn't their bodies be turned into data?
    • It's an incredibly complex simulation, but a simulation all the same. The blood is still code.
  • Is Room 0's wall actually holographic? We see the phones switch to the Guardian icon the first time the pass through it. I suppose it could be a hard light construct that the guardian code allows them to phase through.

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