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Mentioning the "Reboot" icon will not be a throwaway line
The protagonists will get the ability to reboot in a future episode. The question is whether the one responsible will be VERA or Mouse.

  • Adding to my original idea, rebooting is already part of the Next Generation Guardian Code that they have not unlocked yet.

Mouse will be a program introduced by the Sourcerer

She will eventually rebel against him.

The Sourcerer is Austin's father

Because this show is heavily cliché-dependent.

  • Doubtful. The Sourcerer clearly does not know how the Guardians are entering and leaving Cyberspace, while Austin's father was the one who developed that technology, as evidenced by the video file Vera extracted from the sphere the cat virus coughed up in episode 4.
    • The device Austin's father invented was the size of a mouse. If the Sourcerer is Austin's father, he might not have expected anybody to build a human-sized version of a thing he made years ago, but his look of recognition when he realizes the Guardians are digitized humans (the end of episode.... eight? Nine?) suggests he's not surprised. Also, the conspicuous way they kept Austin's father's face out of shot could mean either they were too cheap to hire a real actor or they want to keep what he looks like a surprise.
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  • Confirmed. He had constructed an artificial body to fake his death, then he went into cyberspace as a Guardian, but the Dark Code cracked his helmet and infected him.

Austin's father set Mainframe to reboot to Season One as a training exercise for the Next Generation Guardians


  • The MMO was a training exercise to select Next Generation Guardians
  • "Next Generation": Austin's father knows about Bob, if not the Guardian Collective. Otherwise there would be no reason for "Next Generation".
  • Austin's father clearly wanted him to be the leader. What better way than to have him meet Bob before the Daemon arc?

The Sourcerer is actually an adult Malcolm Frink

Eventually, Kilokhan is defeated and Malcolm is left as he was before: a lonely, bitter teen. Growing up just as antisocial and misanthropic as before-if not even more so-Malcolm continues to hone his computer skills and learns how to create and control his own viruses without the help of Kilokhan and develops “Dark Code”. Determined to finish what he and Kilokhan started, he takes on the mantle of The Sourcerer, And begins his plan to destroy the net.

  • This makes sense, considering that the end credits of a Super Human Samurai Syber Squad episode actually showed Megabyte commenting that he should keep an eye on Kilokahn, suggesting a crossover that never came to fruition.
    • As a corollary: the basement dweller in episode 10 is Sam Collins. He was already a basement dweller in Super Human Samurai Syber Squad: an episode shows that his bed is in the basement.
  • Jossed. The Sourcerer is Austin's father, infected with Dark Code.

Megabyte and Hexadecimal will take over as the BigBads of the series, deposing the Sourcerer
  • In a meta-sense, the Sourcerer isn't all that compelling a villain, so this would at least be a start towards bringing the show back from the edge after the dismal reception it got.

Hexadecimal's resurrection is a Continuity Nod

In the original series, Hex was registered as a virus after helping Mainframe against Megabyte. After her sacrifice to cure everyone of Daemon's infection, Mouse reports minor system problems across the Net, Dot suggests that it's Hex, and Mouse agrees. Also, a system restore would bring her back as a virus.


This is all somehow related to Zixx, or else was a Dolled-Up Installment for a reboot or season 4 of Zixx
The premise of Reboot: the Guardian Code is barely anything like the original, and instead is more like the 2004 to 2009 series Zixx. Aside from both shows having live action and CGI segments, both shows are also about people from one world (live action) going into a virtual world (CGI) to combat enemies in a game like setting. Therefore it is my theory that Gaurdian Code is either tying Reboot and Zixx together, or else that it was originally suppose to be a Zixx season 4 or reboot that got modified to become reboot cuz Reboot is better known.
  • The latter is most likely, as unlike other examples, Zixx is was owned by Mainframe Entertainment, which became Rainmaker Studios.

Austin's father will return in season 2.
There is a device that can synthesize human bodies, which not only was used to create VERA, but also by Adam himself to fake his own death. There are also files, floating around in cyberspace, containing most of Adam's memories. These elements, together with Adam's apparent death into the black hole, would provide excellent fodder for a second season: a quest to retrieve all memories and implant them into a synthetic replicant of Adam's body, in order to reunite Austin with his father. The final episode of the season would end with Austin hugging a restored Adam.

Season 2 would see the return of Gigabyte.
At any point, Megabyte and Hexidecimal would attempt another plan to gain control of something or gain massive amounts of power. The Guardians would catch wind of it and go to put a stop to it. Megabyte and Hexidecimal get caught in the brunt of the failed plan, and as a result, they merge together and become Gigabyte right before the Guardians' eyes. Perhaps one of them (I think Goose) would rush to attack him, only to be grabbed by Gigabyte's claw. When the others get him free, Goose sees his energy levels have dropped to almost nothing, and they realize that Gigabyte has the power to absorb energy with his claw.

Perhaps Gigabyte would become the main villain for the second season.

Hexidecimal left a backup of herself.
She probably predicted her deletion at some point, and decided to create a backup of herself before her Heel–Face Turn programmed to activate some time after her deletion.

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