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Headscratchers / Raving Rabbids

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  • How is Rayman stopping the Rabbids in the second game?
    • He's very likely the one shooting them in the shooting levels.

  • When you are in the Wii Menu screen, if you play Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time, the screen refers to the game as Raving Rabbids 4 when Travel in Time is clearly the fifth game in the Rabbids series.
    • Although, it could be referring to the fact that it is the fourth Rabbids game to be a party game.

  • How did the Rabbids come back from the moon after Rabbids Go Home?
    • It is very likely that the Rabbids who ended up on the moon were only a few of the ones that exist as there exists hundreds of more Rabbids in the universe.
    • Plus, considering how weird the Rabbids universe is, it's not a stretch to assume that somehow, they just made it back to Earth.

  • The intro to Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party has only eight Rabbids chasing Rayman, but during certain mini-games, an entire crowd of Rabbids are seen cheering in the background.
    • Not all of them are chasing Raymond.

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