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Nightmare Fuel / Raving Rabbids

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Fun fact: Ubisoft once considered making a Rabbids game with these designs!

  • The Rabbids themselves sometimes can be absolutely terrifying, in both appearance and especially in behavior. They may be dim-witted and most of the time don't even know how to do things the correct way, but there is a darker undertone to their stupidity that is often overlooked. Rayman Raving Rabbids and Rabbids Go Home are prime examples of how twisted the Rabbids can be sometimes.
    • The Rabbids managed to capture Rayman. That's right. A horde of clumsy, eccentric rabbits managed to apprehend the most fierce and loyal hero of the Glade of Dreams. Not only that, but they're capable of throwing him in a cell and make him perform ridiculous and often dangerous stunts simply because they want to entertain themselves.
    • As an added bonus, the Rabbids also capture the baby Globoxes and are merciless on them. Rayman at least has a bed in his cell, and they reward him with other furniture as the game progresses, but the baby globoxes are kept in smaller, uncomfortable cages, and receive a considerable amount of abuse from the Rabbids.
    • The Rabbids don't get any less insane in Rabbids Go Home, where they kidnap a sick, and probably dying old man inside an air bubble bed, and toss him into their giant pile.
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    • In one of the cutscenes for Rabbids Go Home, the Rabbids pick up an unattended baby carriage, scream at the baby that is inside it and toss him into the shopping cart. They probably used him for the pile as well...
  • Early concept art for Rabbids Go Home suggested that one of the levels would take place in a cemetery, with stormy weather, surrounded by Verminators and your one goal was to collect a coffin as an XL object. Just look at it.
  • Remember that human character model we constantly saw in the trailers and the backstage video? Oddly enough, he never appears in the final version of the game. If you look closely in the level Hoppy Xmas, where the Rabbids have to collect a Christmas tree in a hospital, there is a room you can go into when the black Verminator attacks you. In this room, there are beds with dead bodies in them. And all of these are modeled after that character model from the trailers.
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  • "Rabbids Are Slow to React", while not scary in and on itself, it features a creepy, slow voice counting down ("3, 2, 1, Go") accompanied with an unsettling, maniacal laughter. There's no reason for this, either, it's just programmed like that.
  • "Rabbids Are Ticklish", has to be the most disturbing mini-game in the game. You are supposed to hit different quarters of the bunny's brain, each of which affect what he does (one quarter makes him scream, another makes his eyes widen), and all the while he stares at you creepily with an open mouth and...oh, God.Just look at it.[1]
  • "Bunnies Don't Brush Their Teeth" can also be pure Nausea Fuel to those who are extra afraid of losing their teeth or the mere thought of having Cheshire Cat Grin worms in their teeth.
  • In the singleplayer mode of Rabbids TV Party, there's a cutscene where Rayman, having finally had enough of the Rabbids in the TV screen, throws the television into his toilet, where it floods with water due to being cracked. As irritating as the Rabbids can be, seeing them frantically try to avoid drowning was pretty horrifying.
  • The mini-game Rabbid in the Hole from "Rabbids: Alive and Kicking" ends with a cutscene where the Rabbids are dropped into a jet turbine, shredding them to pieces, sending their eyeballs flying towards your TV screen.
  • This photo posted on the official Rabbids Instagram, which looks like it came out of something like Gravity Falls and in no possible way could ever be considered an appealing image for young children. Said image is meant to parody the faceswap feature from the SnapChat mobile application, but the end result... is not pretty.
  • The first Rabbids game had some fairly scary character designs. Dark Robot Rabbids with flashing pink eyes, the giant gorilla looking rabbid with Bane-like Muzzles/Collars and sunken detailed red eyes called Serguei, and a thin crawling robotic Rabbid named Pink being particularly unsettling compared to others of their kind.
    • The first beta Rabbids ever shown in a trailer Popped out of the ground like zombies, looked particularly misshapen, and invaded with gigantic robots with giant glowing red eyes and were deemed "too ugly" to use for the game.
  • The first Game Boy game had several scary enemies:
    • A gigantic Electoon robot with a really Uncanny Valley Face, particularly when it opens its mouth.
    • A giant Rabbid with a huge fanged underbite.
    • A weird school bag monster with bulgy eyes.
    • Zombie Rabbids that opened their mouths disturbingly wide and whose eyeballs fall out as the rest of their body disintigrates when defeated.
  • In Raving Rabbids Travel in Time, if you manage to change history in all mini-games in a museum section, this can result in the present timeline being horrifyingly altered. One of these timelines depicts two Rabbids that appear to have mutated from eating radioactive hamburgers, causing them to grow to ridiculously large proportions. While the fact that two giant Rabbids are rampaging through the city is subject to Nightmare Retardant, the way they are presented, peeking at you through the museum's windows, while thunder, lightning and heavy metal music plays in the background does make them appear intimidating to some extent.
    • Other alterations of the timeline include somehow sinking the museum underwater, and launching it into outer space, which also isn't very pleasant.

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