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  • Why has every single sequel and Spin-Off since the original regressed in terms of graphics? At best, Galactrix was a step sideways (it was a regression in art style more than graphics). Though the PC version of PQ2 is decent enough (until you see the portraits of NPCs... yeesh).
    • The iOS version of PQ2 is also well done, with some of the graphics being arguably an improvement over the original. Your mileage may vary, of course.
  • How can I use my mount's abilities when I'm training my mount? Am I getting my giant rat to bite itself?
    • I figured it was some sort of bond thing. Once it becomes your mount you can use its magic. Which brings up the question of why you can't use ALL your mount's magic (Can't use Scavenge with a Rat mount, can't use Smite with a Pegasus mount, etc.)
      • Or for that matter, why don't you gain your mount's resistances? The 25% Air resistance from a Griffin or a Pegasus would've come in quite handy.
  • Seraphine, in Warlords. Seriously, what is the point of this character? She does virtually nothing — yes, she's useful in the instances when you're facing an opponent who "will not like to strike a lady," but if you pay attention, you'll notice that you only face opponents of that sort in her sidequests. The entire Seraphine arc could have been left out of the game altogether, and it would have changed absolutely nothing.
    • This Troper theorizes that they wanted to play with the "Princess escaping a forced marriage" idea. Only instead of making her an idealist (or at least making her useful), they deliberately made her The Load.
    • Good-aligned opponents abound before you enter the Realms of War - doubly so if you're playing the Plague Lords expansion or the iPhone version. And rescuing her initially gives you a tidy sum of money and a useful magic item. As stated elsewhere, she's pretty useless once you reach the High Elves, but she's a decent support character until that point. (Of course, This Troper's theory is that she stays with the party because she's banging your character...)
    • Token girl. There are no other recruitable female characters until near the end of the game.
  • Why is every single sequel, spin-off, and game inspired by the original Puzzle Quest so much simpler and less deep than the original? None of them give you that many spells or options in combat, none of them give you the same range of interesting equipment and allies to combine for different strategies, and so on.


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