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Headscratchers / 102 Dalmatians

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  • If Chloe doesn't believe in second chances, why is she working as a probation officer? And if she refused to believe that Cruella had changed, why does she instantly believe Kevin is guilty?
    • For the first point, perhaps she had become a probation officer with the belief in second chances? And then years of having to deal with rotten clients made her cynical and believe that it's impossible for criminals to reform. As for believing Kevin is guilty, the situation looked very much like he had taken her out to dinner in order to secure an alibi for himself. She was probably very offended and hurt that she had possibly been duped and lied to.
  • So, Chloe is aware of Cruella before taking her probation case and that her dog Dipstick was one of the 101 from the first movie - why was she given the case?
    • I find it extremely doubtful that your pet's history is a usual criteria for determining conflict of interest.
    • Exactly. Why would Chloe's dog be any of her bosses' business?
    • My only guess is maybe she didn't tell him. If he knew, yes, I'm pretty sure that would be seen as a major conflict of interest, so I guess he didn't know.
  • Also, about those psychologists - what would be the consequences if the courts discovered that their hypnotherapy could be reversed with the noise of Big Ben?
    • Well they'd be ruined. Or would possibly have to do more research to find out a way to stop that side effect. Or they could just make it a rule that their subjects can't live within a so-many mile radius of Big Ben.
  • When Alonzo wrapped Le Pelt inside one of his fur coats during their fight, which was immediately sewn up by one of Le Pelt's illegal immigrant workers, why the worker sewed the coat if she knew that she was aiding a man into restraining her boss? She didn't consider that if perhaps Le Pelt had won the fight, he would have fired her for collaborating with Alonzo?
    • Le Pelt obviously mistreated them and I think she just reacted on instict.
  • How Alonzo wasn't arrested for helping Cruella and Le Pelt in their scheme for the dalmatian fur coat? I know that he redeemed himself at the end and aided Kevin and Chloe; to escape from the sweatshop's basement, but he was still an accomplice to the crimes Cruella and Le Pelt committed, so why he suffered zero consequences for his actions?
    • Alonzo was probably arrested and may even have been on probation at the end.

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