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A lyric in the song "Who Will Buy?":

There'll never be a day so sunny —
It could not happen twice.
Where is the man we owe the money?
It's cheap at half the price!

Isn't anything cheap at half the price? Don't they mean "it's cheap at twice the price"?

  • No. They mean "it's cheap at half the price". What they're essentially saying is that it's cheap because it's at half-price, therefore it's the perfect time to buy it. It's like a "limited offer" type thing nowadays; it's basically stating that it's a great deal so it shouldn't be wasted. (Also, the lyric is "where is the man with all the money").

We see Fagin and Dodger go off into the sunrise toward the end of the film. What happens to Fagin's other boys?

Maybe they turn honest and leave London. They may get work on a farm.

After Fagin and boys escape from the law, why didn't they just go back to their hideout? It's not like the police were looking for them. Only Bill Sykes, who had already been shot.


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