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  • Why would Dan want to release the Shadow Demons? Alternatively, why would the exit from The Enchanted Earth to Pools of the Ancient Dead only be accessible after the demons are released?
    • Because the rune gate was sealed, it seems like it was the only apparent way through.
  • What exactly happened to Dan's missing jaw bone in the preceding 100 years? It's not like it could have gone far from the rest of him in that time.
    • After 100 years uconvered in a mausoleum, Dan was lucky his jaw was the only part of his skeleton missing,a more nightmarishly idea, remember he was the first to fall in a charge it could have been trampled off.
  • How did a guy who was such a wimp when he was alive suddenly become so good at fighting when he's revived as one of the undead?
    • To be fair, in All There in the Manual it is noted that he was a soldier, just not a very good one just incredibly lucky, plus he had some combat experience seeing as his first shown act was to charge at Zaroks' army, not run away in fear.
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    • What about the enemies Dan faces in the Pool of the Ancient Dead? Are his own countrymen from the great battle a century ago among the armored corpses he now has to put to rest again?
    • His own undead status allowed him a much more Attack! Attack! Attack! type of fighting, being much hardier than he was when he was alive, plus, it is implied by dialogue that he wasn't rejected from the Hall of Heroes for being a wimp, more the undue praise he got, seeing as Zarok was still alive, the cutscene of the battle shows he was anything but a wimp, he may have fallen in the first charge, but remember, that was because he was leading said charge, and from the front line too! Plus most of the heroes in the Hall, aren't outright mocking him, only a couple of them have bad things to say, most just help him out, only the gargoyles really give him a hard time.

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