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Headscratchers / Machete

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  • What exactly was the deal with the egg-under-the-bed thing?
    • The implication that Machete is so hot in bed he can fry an egg.
      • Maybe the smell of the egg frying was supposed to wake him up?
    • I thought it was a folk medicine thing. Egg draws off the body's injuries and illnesses.
      • You're right, in México it's known as "Limpia" (Roughly "Cleansing") an it's used to get rid of "bad vibes" among other things although the eggs yolk is usually put in a glass of water.

  • Does She (the rebel leader's) name translate to something that this Troper is unaware of? It just seems a very odd nickname/title to choose, when it's pronounced exactly like the English word 'she.' Or is this a trope I'm unfamiliar with?
    • Assumedly it's a reference to Ernesto "Che" Guevara the famous revolutionary, but with a feminine twist.

  • Why would a gardener need a pick-axe? Shouldn't that have clued the Mooks in a little sooner?


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