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Headscratchers / Lucas the Spider

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  • In "Giant Spider" Lucas claims he "Wouldn't hurt a fly." So what does he eat?
    • Larger insects like crickets, dragonflies, grasshoppers, and beetles.
    • Alternatively, he isn't the one doing the hurting. Most humans, after all, don't hurt animals, but still eat meat.
    • Lucas is still a predator, so he still needs to hunt to survive. It's more likely he means that he doesn't intentionally harm things unless he's either hungry or he feels they are a major threat to his survival. He is a spider, after all, and that's just part of how they survive.
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    • Alternatively, since Lucas, while clearly a jumping spider, possesses characteristics of a number of different species, most notably being much larger than your average jumping spider, he could be partially based on the 'Bagheera kiplingi' breed of jumping spider, notable for having a largely herbivorous diet.
      • This is more or less confirmed in "I'm Starving", where Lucas is revealed to not eat meat implying this is indeed the case and he's not carnivorous to begin with.
  • Is Lucas really a kid spider? Because he's much bigger than any real-world spiderling. The only way for him to be a youngster is if he belonged to a species much bigger than any real-world spider.
    • He might be a "kid" by spider standards, whereas, to us, the viewers, he's full-grown. That's what I'd roll with.

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