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Headscratchers / Doom House

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  • Fridge Logic: Why is Reginald moving in to his new house with so few possessions? When he first moves in, he doesn't seem to have any belongs apart from the clothes he is wearing and a suitcase containing a piece of rolled up carpet. Shouldn't he have more stuff?
    • Fridge Brilliance: Reginald's wife has died, and the depression this caused him was so deep and severe that when he wanted to move on, he had to throw away most of his original possessions because they more than likely had too much emotional association with his late wife. Conveniently, the house is already fully furnished with decorations and appliances and whatnot, anyway, so it's no big deal.
  • Why does Reginald's television make Galaga-esque noises when he's clearly playing on a Playstation 2? What's the deal with that?
    • Clearly a clever bit of non-invasive product placement for the Namco Classics Collection.


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