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The voice on the phone was The Terrorist
Trying to scare Linux out of his happy house!
  • It was obviously the doll trying to communicate with Reginald P. Linux the only way it knew how.

Reginald P. Linux's wife was killed by The Terrorist
She died on 9/11, and it made Reginald very depressed.

Everyone in the Doom House really did meet their doom.
In the traditional sense of "judgement". Reginald was judged worthy and allowed to continue to live in the house by the doll, that was the nature of their gentlemen's agreement. When he threw the doll at the terrorist it was able to judge and punish him and sentenced him to a life of boredom in the basement for his crimes.

The spirit of Reginald P. Linux's wife inhabits the Creepy Doll
Reginald wants to move on from the death of his wife, but she returns from the dead in doll form so she could continue living with her husband.

The ending was actually a Downer Ending
While shocking, the revelation that Officer Cop was a terrorist and that the doll was Good All Along comes completely from left field. This can easily be explained if one considers that the "gentleman's agreement" with the doll was a Faustian Bargain and Cop's "confession" was a hallucination the doll brought on to make the idea of imprisoning him more palletable to Reginald.


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