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Headscratchers / Dinotrux

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  • How are the Dinotrux created in the first place? Heck they look like they are created artifically. Perhaps the creators did not think it all the way through.
    • We see baby dinotrux come out of eggs in one episode. Presumably, the females have reproductive systems that create the parts of their off-spring and piece them together, then they eject them somehow.

  • How did the machines grow at all? In some episode baby dinotrux are clearly shown. But machines couldn't just expand at that. Rule of Funny?

    • Why couldn't they? They clearly have a digestive system, needing food and water to keep going. Presumably, as they grow up, they turn some of the matter from the metal they eat into body mass instead of energy.
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  • Why, oh why, do they not just smash D-Strux until he's a bad memory? I get that they're the good guys, but he's proven that he's not interested in redemption and come very close to killing some of their number, children included, more than once. Even for a kid's show, you'd think they'd have him always pull a Villain: Exit, Stage Left whenever he loses instead of them just letting him drive away, or have an episode where they give (what would probably be a flimsy reason) why.

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