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Why does Victor Veloci have human grunts?
Do they know that he's probably going to kill them if he succeeds? or are they just motivated by money?
  • If it seemed like Veloci wanted to keep things the way they are but replace humans with dino-people they might be in it for the money, but he only creates prehistoric monsters, meaning he probably wants to take over the world by destroying human civilization.
  • Maybe he cut some deal with them, where if they serve him well enough, he'll turn them into dino-people like the teens are.
    • Except he's always trying to catch the teens to find out how their mutation is so complete.
      • "We'll use what we find out by capturing the teens to turn you into full dinos."
      • He doesn't know the teens are the dinosaurs.
      • The teens can turn from complete humans to complete dinosaurs. Victor's plan is probably more along the lines of turning humans into dinosoids, or something.

Bigger issue: Why in the high holy f**k does this show qualify as "Educational"?
I shudder to think it does the same way "The Jetsons" qualified. ("It teaches children about life in the future!" Um... what?)
  • The show's creators probably pitched it as something like "It's a fun show kids will love to see and it will teach them about dinosaurs! It's educational!" to get it more attention. Probably no one cared enough to really complain when it aired.
  • it's educational because it rams life lessons down the viewer's throat
  • It'll drive kids to read books.
  • We may never know, but we can at least agree that the Dino and the Educational segments are VERY separate.

In the very first episode why did the shark become a mosasaur?
Veloci's whole purpose was to take everything back to prehistoric times. (The fact that velociraptors are from the Cretaceous, meaning the Jurassic and Triassic dinosaurs weren't around anymore is a separate puzzle.) There were sharks in the time of dinosaurs. A shark going through that ooze should have become something like Megalodon, not a mosasaur.
  • The show actually does call the de-evolved shark a "mutant megalodon". That doesn't explain why it looks and acts like a mosasaur, though.

How can they do this shapeshifting?
I'm not talking about the kids, because Applied Phlebotinum is apparent there, but about Victor and the Teacher. They, as ordinary velociraptors, survived in a cave for millions of years, gained human level intelligence and the ability to assume human form. All without explaining how they survived that long, or how they gained these abilities. Would it have killed the writers to mention a radioactive meteorite or maybe the result of scientific experimentation by
Neglectful Precursors? A single line of dialogue is all I'm asking for here.
  • They are members of two factions of the reptilian elite?

Recycled animation?
Is it just me, or does the dino-chomping-in-the-camera sequence from the intro seem VERY obviously recycled from the intro of Sabrina: The Animated Series?

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